15 Bde RTC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Knut, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Anyone from that fine organisation online?

    Can you PM me?

  2. No, no I can't. PM brucewillis.
  3. "And as if by magic he appeared"

    Wardrobe is that you?

    What do you want?

    Why all the sneaky beaky pm stuff, whats up with the phone?


    Are you a 14 year old girl looking to groom a grown up?
  4. Have tried the phone.

    I will be depositing some recruits with you. Rather than drive home to Mrs Knut and the Knutlets I would rather stay and find out about the wacky world of recruit training.

    Who do I need to speak to?
  5. Knut,

    PM sent!
  6. That you grooming again bruce?
  7. he's probably organising another coup, rebuilding berwicks battlements and what not.
  8. FF Box,

    No, just being helpful!


    There actually fortifications not battlements, and they are not in need of rebuilding. In fact I believe they were built with the intent of of keeping your mob out!

    Have you joined yet?

    Happy New Year to you both by the way.
  9. I stand corrected. happy new yer to you too. How is the tweed? Are the women still really ugly? and check your PMs BW
  10. The Tweed is a river its, well! a river.

    As for the women, the uglyness comes from within, as in when they speak. "Yer all reet gadgey!" (BW shudders and goes to check the door is locked!
  11. Brucewillis - thanks for the help, all has been sorted. You are very helpful - don't listen to those bad soldiers.
  12. Arby's not a bad soldier, he's not even a part-time soldier yet! :D

    Sorry mate couldn't help myself!
  13. Excellent weekend gents. Everyone was helpful and common sense applied to problem one recruit had ... never thought I'd write that about the army!
  14. Knut,

    I'm pleased everything went well. Good to see a PSI take an interest in the SUTs (Soldier Under Training now, not recruits) And stay for a whole weekend. Well done mate, you know where we are if you need anything else!

    BW (The Stella drinker)
  15. TASUT even!,according to the new gumph we've been given!