15 and 7 months, questions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by KiaranOleary, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Ill be 15 and 7 months in a matter of days,

    looking to apply for Royal Engineers, I need Maths-C, English-c, another subject C.

    Do I need to take a list of my target grades with me?

    Is their any other documents I need to take?

    What is the first visit like. Bearing in mind I want to get right down to applying because ive already chosen my top 3 job choices with thorough research :DD

    Looking to get into ATFC for next september, roughly when would I do the barb test>

    And, finally, Do ADSC only take people who have left school, that would be May for me. I heard they aren't to good about taking people still at school?

    If not, when could I expect to go their?

    Sorry for these questions, just wana get em' off my chest.

  2. First visit, the Recruiters may not seem very interested, as, especially at the moment, they're seeing a LOT of potentials through the doors... And many will have been a waste of time.
    Show that you are interested, and make an effort to get the ball rolling and they'll quickly be proper with you! My recruiters were all proper top blokes and I really respect them.

    If you're applying, take all the info you have, in a folder. That what you have it there, and you seem prepared. Take any certificates that may be relevant (D of E etc).

    To my knowledge, the BARB test won't be far off. Less than a month. (Not so sure as far as ATFC applications).

    As far as going to ADSC, there was a lad there when I went after going to AFC Harrogate, but I'm not sure if he was at school.
    In the application form it mentions something about notifying your Head Teacher so possibly that points towards you going during school. (Not sure though)

    Hope this (lack of) info helps mate!
  3. You cant start your application till your 15 and 10 months, your barb and any other tests cannot be done till your 16
    Yes you need to take your predicted grades with you but your job offer will hinge on those grades.
    ADSC will not take you till you have finished school.
  4. Thanks for your answers so far. Im pretty sure it is 15 and 7 months, because I have been told that from many different sources and 15 and 10 months has not ever been mentioned?
  5. Wrong. I started my application at 15 years 7 months, already done my barb and got 71 on it. Onto my 2nd Interview on the 1st of Nov. So, you can.
  6. Sorry mate...but totally wrong info........You can start your application at 15 years and seven months (BARB etc)but cant go down to ADSC until your 15 years and 10 months and join at AFC Harrogate or Winchester till your 16 (got to of finished full time education and dates will start from September of that year...ie for you september 2011). Take down your predicted grades or wait till we recieve the School reference back and we will go on the predicted grades until you get your results around August. It is best to start the application around now if your 15:7 and your recruiter will either try and get you down to ADSC prior to your exams if you have met or the eligability requirements and got a good chance of coming away with a A or B grade....they will definately stear away from you going during May/June during exams. Just go in on your first chat with parents and show your keen and motivated and listen to all their advice and also have a look at a thread recruiters put on the sticky.
  7. ahh thanks Iron, its good to know that I can go down to ADSC earlier.

    I rank up my local careers office yesterday and they said it is 15 and 7 months, just wanted to confirm it xD

    Applying Today/Tomorrow! :)