15/19 KRH

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 911fan, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Any ex 15/19KRH out there?
  2. Think there all on selection mate....... :oops:
  3. er, sorry, you've lost me
  4. Yep... one here.
  5. when did you serve? where you in the good old detmold days? do you go to any of the reunions?
  6. Yep 1975-92, No because I live to far away(Canada) however I did go to Swanton fot the last big reunion, a couple of years ago.
    Detmold was great but Paderborn was the Cats ARRSE.
  7. So did you enjoy being RAC Centre Regt as much as everybody else? was seriously sad when 15/19H replaced us (1 RTR) in Bovvy.
  8. Sep 91 to Dec 92... Then LD to date. Yeah I managed to squeeze Detmold in..... either side of a Cyprus tour. Aint bothered with the reunions for a long time.
  9. take it by living in canada you are Mr TS?
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely. TS and I were in the ACF together, went to NIRTT together and lived on the same floor of the same block of Paderborn slums ... er with wer wives.

    I once returned to a chat room after a break to discover that TS had informed the world that I ate my horse.
  11. Where?????
  12. Served with C Sqn LAD in Detmold when the Regt came back to Germany in the mid 80's.
    Mates with the mad lads like big l*l, mar*y and jer*y the mad C Sqn loons. Lost touch with big l*l when the Regt moved to Hohne. Did speak to him once and arranged to meet at a Regt'l reunion in Hohne, but was posted back to UK and missed him by 1 day. Bummer!!!

    Have seen TS in Canada a few time over the years.

    Well aya man!!!
  13. Used to side with the 5 and 9's wen I was with 3RTR in Paderborn. We were always up for a scrap with the QLR and 39 Heavy Reg RA
  14. My old man was 5&9's (48-75) and now spends many weekends on the lash with other old comrades, just the way I plan to spend my retirement.
    Try www.Hussar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk not much of a site but it does have a list of 5&9 gatherings.
  15. Boggles

    You old sea dog you, do you know how old that make me feel now, they where good times though.

    ah Paderborn, City Club Uncle Toms and all. Many a lost weekend never to be found.

    Slava S and Pepsi both have been across as well as RJ who took time to pop down and see me and her indoors. Stumpy H has just retuned to the UK after visiting his son.

    Have seen quite a few other old Hussars in the Hat, but we must all be getting on a bit now.

    The Bin is still the same!!!!!!!