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Pls 4give me if this get's little long winded will keep it short as poss.

My name is Steve "TAFFY" Horvath / left Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) in '91. In Jan '05 became ill, diagnosed in Sept '05 with chronic PTSD 23yrs after the main event that has caused it.. Having researched it I've been informed cannot be cured at this late stage so stuck with it 4 life, just not going to let it kill me but kick it *********** and manage it (Somehow)

Please visit my fundraising page and sponsor my walk in aid of Combat Stress:-



Goldwingtaffy / Steve "TAFFY" Horvath or just Taffy for short.

Steve "TAFFY" Horvath
Email:- SLH1810 @ TISCALI.CO.UK
Tel: 01603 716778
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Hi Gandulph,

Thanks for the support and link.

I received a message from the Mods, they will be making my post a sticky.

Keep the support coming and pass on to anyone you know.

Regards & thanks
Hi Sluice dweller,

Ta 4 support mate. I've put it on Forces reunited but had my nuts chewed off by the mods coz I put it in every forum. I was then asked why I put it in the RAF Searching forum. Appears that certain people on FR couldn't understand that someone looking in "Searching For RAF Friends" may not look in the Army section. So there was a bit of a falling out with the mods on FR who have threatened to delete my post if I don't put it in the category they stipulate. So much for freedom of speech eh.

Should have taken Rosie's advice at the Combat Stress Fundraising Dept and come here first. Now that I have I'm so glad I took her advice as I've had more support here in the first 24hr period than I got in over five weeks on FR.

As yet not put it on other sites, have got a few lined up but need as much help as poss with a wide variety of sites. Any ideas most welcome.

Hi Goku,

Yes I have mate. But before I can go ahead with the major fundraising and media campaign I have to wait and see how my proposal goes with the trustees of Combat Stress. Am hoping to hear from them in the very near future.

Hey Taff when you get down South if you want a walking mate count me in ok Good luck Fella.

Hi mate, will do. Thanks for the support, will keep you in the loop and let you know when route has been finalised.


Good luck with your challenge both personally and physically.

I look foreward to keeping upto date with your endeavors.

Hi Sparky,

Thanx m8, will keep you informed of sit reps etc.

Hi Vik,

Thanks for the support, will keep you in loop and update on progress.

Re YRF, have visited and tried to register, however, got error message at "Finish" page stating "There was a problem with the database".

Pls help if you can with registration.

Look forward to reaching the "Arse end of Scotland" for a beer and curry if your available.

Regards, love and best wishes

Hi Folks,

Quick update re my walk. Have received the backing of Combat Stress for the event.

Have also just completed my fundraising page on Justgiving.co.uk, so am now able to receive donations and sponsorship for the walk. Kindly follow the link below to my page where you will find all the information and help to support my sponsored walk in aid of Combat Stress.


Kind regards and look forward to speaking soon.

alright taffy good luck to you, nice to have a little hobby to keep ones self busy with. I have been a client of CS for 4 years now, and it does get better , with set backs and suchlike, have made it home to scotland after a few years rough in london, in edinburgh trying to get full time work though usual problems. would suggest scots guards association club, 2 clifton terrace haymarket eh12, 01313371084 for contacts in edinburgh castle and this side of the heathen divide. would love a walk, if you bring good weather.
Hi mate,

Many thanks for the support and info. Will try to bring some decent weather when I get north of Sasanak land. Knowing my luck I'l bring the damned Welsh weather with me. Will let you know when I've got the route schedule planned and plotted with approx dates N timings.

My first visit to CS was a bit traumatic, had a nightmare of session with Morgan O'Connel the shrink, he really f****ed my head up. That really pushed me over the edge. It took a lot of work from the staff and more to the point the other clients at Tyrwhitt Hse to stop me ending it all there and then. Am going back in 4 mths time.

Am even more determined to do my walk now that the wonderful gov't of our is sending 3 & 1/2 thousand more troops out to Afganistan. At this rate we'l need another three CS centres.

Spk soon, and kick PTSD *********** once in a while.



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Hey GWT,

just had the good word on your epic walk from Rosie at Combat Stress.....I know there's obviously a LOT of organisation needed....any chance of posting a brief sitrep here on ARRSE for folks to be aware ?

In my experience, there's a lot of help available from the ARRSE community once they've put their beer down long enough to register the effort :-D

Best of Luck,


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