15,000 crocodiles escape from South African farm

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. 15,000 crocodiles escape from South African farm - Telegraph

    Well that would certainly ruin your day.Happily once again experts are on hand to dish out the kind of sound advice that nobody would ever think of for themselves:

    "Animal safety experts warned people to stay indoors and stay away from the crocodiles."
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  2. Bloody armchair animal safety experts.
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  3. It got a bite out of you, personally I thought it was quite snappy.
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  4. Oh, hand-bags is it?
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Does this win the statement of the obvious award?

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  6. Will we see a resurgant SA swimming team at the Rio Olympics, I wonder?
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  7. Expect a glut of them mit bullet holes.
  8. Can you imagine having a bit of a lazy day, dozing against a tree, frosty can of beer at hand, hat pulled down over the eyes.

    You know - relaxed and at ease with the world.

    Then you look up and there are 15,000 (Fifteen THOUSAND) crocodiles heading your way.

    That could do some serious damage to your sphincter muscle could something like that.
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  9. Do they mean stay away from any croc or just the ones who escaped?
  10. Said one was found on a rugby pitch 75 miles away. I bet one forward, looking down in a scrum, was thinking 'Hey who's that flashy bustudd with crocodile skin boots orn!'
  11. Is there such a huge market for farmed crocodiles?

    What do people do with them? Are they grown for food, or for croc skin? After all many countries now ban the use of crocodile skin so where do the crocs go?

    Are they bred for research instead of beagles?

    Answers are required! This could be an overlooked business oportunity.

    Edit: It's ok, spare me the answers. I've just done a search and had a read up on this. It seems that in Austrailia at least, Crocodile skin products sell for a good price.
  12. I'm intruged to know how the farmer who released the crocs is managing to identify the escapees? Will he just go on until he's got 15,000 sets of teeth back behind the wire, or carry on until he's de-populated the river?
  13. Thank you.


    I could have worked that out for myself.

  14. Pack it in you two or you'll get a belt.
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  15. Easy answer regarding biting crocodiles, just don't bite them.