15,000 bikers in Wootton Bassett tribute ride.

Ace. That is a phenomenal effort and must have been something to see, I believe they went through in groups of 2000. Should be called 'Heroes Angels' the biggest Chapter in the world. Well done all.
Good stuff and some positive press for the biking community. I have a mate who's ridden over from AFNORTH for the ride in. I tried to get a ticket but they'd closed the book because of overwhelming demand.

Great stuff.
Yes. Both plus quite a few other MC clubs put a show in.
I was helping with the Marshalling at the airfield and it was an awesome sight. I managed to get a ride as well and it made me truly proud to be British.
The Bike Run was the idea of 18-year-old biker Elizabeth Stevens.

A big thank you is due.


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Absolutely outstanding. The people of Wootten Basett deserve such a tribute for their amazing support as a community to the families of the fallen, as well as their way of honouring the fallen.

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