14th May ATR Winchester - Basic Training

I start basic training on 14th May at ATR Winchester, its either the 14th or the 16th they told me on the phone ages ago, just waiting for my letters and stuff to come through the door, after ATR Winchester I go to Aldershot to do my Combat medic training, if anyone is going to be at my basic training and/or at aldershot give me a holla.



i cud be i know ill be going winchester for phase1 training...ive got my selection to do first but ive got my interview on the 15th march so if all goes well i cud be there with ya.who knows
quality, any news on your situation? what job you going for? im going for combat medic, waiting for confirmation papers and stuff to come through the door. are you looking foward to joining? i think it will be great but im a bit annoyed that i have to leave mates etc at home.

anyway my names steve, im 19 from newcastle, what about you


not heard anything from my AFCO its just a waiting game till the 15th...am ganna ask them see if they can push me though to the may section of training....

am going for the 9th 12th lancers RAC so ya might see you there mate.would be good making friends before you even get there
Fcuk me Stevemcgee!! You sound just like Cilla Black on Blind Date!!
KillerGibbo, I have mates in the 9/12 Lancers and they reckon the reg is the mutts nutts. You will enjoy it i'm sure.
Make sure you pack your sense of humour darling. Wouldn't want you going off to war without it.

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