14th March. Steak & BJ Day!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DrStealth, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. steakandbj1.jpg

    Steak and BJ Day

    its the 14th of March! International Steak and BJ Day!!

    we have had valentines day. they get the bottle of pink bubbly (or other gassy crap) a box of extra-hip sized choccies and a visit to that shite pretentious restaurant for a huge plate of over priced snack (were an hour later your scrammin' in a kebab to fill the hole). and then theres the back rub with oils, and actually having to concentrate on foreplay for over a min for a change.

    now its the blokes turn :)

    I like mine a BFO T-bone, grilled medium well, nice peppercorn sauce and with a little teeth.

    how do you like yours??
  2. Some classy thinking has gone into this; 'Make it easier on her, with Semenex'
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  3. i like the steak first, nice bit o sirloin large as possible done a little so it's still mooing but definitely sealed...peppersauce!

    oh i wish i had seen this before her indoors left for work...oh well the butchers will still be open, i'll show her it's true!
  4. Red lipstick does it for me.
  5. In this part of the world today is 'White day', the day when men buy presents for their women. Conversely, Valentine's day is the day when women buy gifts (usually chocoalte) for their men.

    Obviosusly I shall still be demanding a steak and blowjob. GYAC - you won't get short odds on me actually receiving either
  6. Big fat fillet steak, medium rare, lots of peppercorn sauce. followed by getting a good nosh with a little gagging, only a little mind I'm not a pervert!!!!
  7. Sadly the Health Police have put a damper on this years event.

    Researchers found that regularly eating red meat, in particular processed meat, was associated with a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely. Each 85g daily serving of unprocessed red meat (equivalent to about three thin slices of roast beef) was associated with a 13% increase in early death, while one daily serving of processed meat (one hot dog or two slices of bacon) was associated with a 20% increased risk.

    The researchers then input their data into a theoretical model, which estimated that 9.3% of early deaths in men and 7.6% in women in the study could have been prevented if all the participants had consumed fewer than 0.5 servings a day (about 42g a day) of red meat
  8. Christ no wonder certain members of our society want to have Sharia law here; this is another example (if one were needed ) of the depths to which western society has sunk. All I can say is thank god it was not designated as "International Pork Fillet and BJ day" .

    One despairs, one really really does.
  9. I am partial to mine a bit bloody, don't care how the steak is
  10. Pork fillet is a "red meat" .
  11. Funny enough, today is our 34th wedding anniversary. We are off out tonight and I may be having the steak. There is more chance of Martians landing than me getting the BJ though!
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  12. anyone mentions salmon steak can just fuck right off.........
  13. Salmon steak. :-D

    Does that mean I get a fuck instead of a BJ?
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  14. Today is national no-smoking day. Does that exclude smoking the pole?
  15. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Hanger steak, rare... As for the bj... I'll take it as it comes, so to speak.

    Order being placed now!