148 Expeditionary Force Institute Squadron RLC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. I see that the EFI's are featured on the RAOL again. How much do there guys get paid? I note that they come under the same regulations as mobilised reservists but get paid by NAAFI. If you became a EFI could you still be a member of the "normal" TA or is it a case of you cannot wear two hats?
  2. You get posted to them and re-capbadge as RLC as far as I'm aware. Pay is as TA pay scales and you remain a TA soldier.
  3. I was with them,pay is shit,so are the people,if u are ex reg u should avoid this lot like the plague,total stab *******
  4. Quote from another topic by patch27

    "civvi workers dont take same risks as 148sqn at all, they never leave the safety of main camps. i am ex reg infantry and was with 148 in afghan,stagged on loads,made brews,its a shit job working with shit *****,they recruit fat nackers from civvies,give them 2weeks TA training and a uniform and they class themselves soldiers,the whole sqadron is an absolute nightmare full of wannabes who would get turned away from regs, AVOID THESE IDIOTS AT ALL COSTS"

    Patch, you seem to have trouble understanding the difference between the abilities of a regular soldier after all the trg they are given, a TA soldier with basic trg plus "targeted" trg for deployment and the 2 weeks the EFI civilians get.
  5. The EFI men and women are specialists in what they do. They are members of the team and can be in the same "harms way" as anyone else wearing the uniform.
  6. Too right, toaster fires have killed many of our fallen heroes in the past.
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  7. The bird in the Effi at Shia nappa in 2005 was so ******* fat the gollies used her as an aiming marker to fire their rockets at.

    And she still got it. I went for a sneaky piss and stumbled across the whole ghastliness.

    Harms way!! Everything including tanks was in harms way when she was around.
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  8. A bloke in my unit, who was itching to get some time in Afghan, went over to them as he was kicking around on the dole patrol and thought this could be a stepping stone to a permanent job with the NAAFI (don't ask!).

    As far as I understand it (as this is secondhand information), you are a sponsored (RLC TA) reserve, and are paid by the NAAFI when on deployment, but you do not receive any operational allowances. My mate did not particularly rate them, having come from a Combat Arms Unit and thought that most of the Units Soldiers (for want of a better word), were "dysfunctional individuals with some serious problems".

    Based on this assessment of the unit and the comments from patch27, I would avoid them like the plague. My mate left this unit after an initial 8 week stint in theatre, as he did not really gel with those in the unit - after all it was really a civvy job in green!

    Read into this what you will.

    Patch27, I would be careful about bandying the STAB ****** thing about, I was told by this person that one of the most dysfunctional individuals was an ex Regular Soldier who joined the unit, because no TA unit would take him!