148 Bty

Just heard that the rumour doing the rounds at the Dell today is 148 are being disbanded. Sad news if true.


29 are to lose more than 148, I think from this open letter they are set to lose a gun battery as well:
A Message from the Commanding Officer to the Soldiers, Officers and Families of 29 Commando Regiment.

You will have heard in the news late last week that the Secretary of State for Defence has announced the results of a major restructuring plan for the British Army. This will entail some significant changes and affects every Army unit, including those, like 29 Commando, which supports the other Services. The fundamental aim is to reduce the whole Army strength to 82,000, in line with the announcements last year by his predecessor that we would draw down from out present size of 102,000 (therefore a 20% reduction).

The headline is that these changes will affect us - the Army can't shrink by 20% without everyone getting smaller and leaner. Actually, 29 Cdo could end up being approximately 30% smaller. Quite how the changes will affect our structure is not yet confirmed but there will no doubt be changes to our footprint and our basing; getting smaller will allow us to consolidate better. Although there will be no immediate changes (we are told that nothing will happen before April 2013), I would suggest that we will have morphed into our new structure by the end of 2015 or 16.

Presently we are undermanned by some 20%, especially in the junior ranks. So, we can absorb much of the change without actual loss of manpower but I can't promise that there will not be further redundancies, particularly for more senior ranks. Phase 3 of the existing redundancy programme is now being worked up and there may be subsequent phases too. This may present some individuals with an opportunity. But, importantly, it means uncertainty for many, which is deeply regrettable. My intent is to support all our soldiers, officers and families through this extended period of turbulence.

Never forget that the commando seeks to identify and exploit advantage and opportunity in everything, regardless of how grim the situation might appear. We must not let this distarct us from our operational readiness and we must continue to support the Brigade at all times. Let us stay together - as one; the last remaining Army Commando Regiment - and step forward with purpose to build something that may be smaller but must be stronger.

Lt Colonel E Dawes RA
I've heard that the Bty might be going but that the capability (an FST or two...) will stay. It's a bit of moving deckchairs around. And Carter saying to the Navy/RM "If you think this is so useful then you can find the PIDs."


I suspect your right & no doubt there will be lots of tales about it all at the Citadel this coming weekend.
Doing away with the battery & moving FSTs into HQ battery would save on a BC, BK, BSM, BQMS & MT Sgt.
I wont be able to make the families day this weekend due to imminent move so will miss the direct rumours but getting it second hand from Albertous Junior. Biggest duty rumour is not only the loss of one gun battery but that the FST/NGSs from 148 will be dispersed around the remaining batteries. All rumour mind and given that Juniors bty can only crew 2 guns, 3 at a push any changes in strength can be absorded relatively painlessly by the junior ranks as the CO alluded to, it will be the hierarchy that are cut from the disbanded battery(ies).

That said watch the number of signing offs after the Olympics warning order and possibly 2 months in tents/a sports hall somewhere working stupid hours to save G4S' arrse. That should thin out the junior ranks even more!


I'll be there this weekend Albertous, my problem will be trying to remember everything I'll be told through the alcoholic haze. :)
Wish I was joining you OB but as said I move the weekend after so cant really justify the 600 mile plus round trip. It should be a good day plus the parade/church service on Sunday. Many a sore head in church me things.
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