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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Flash MacTavish, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Happy Dominion Day to all we Canucks, and those lesser breeds. :numberone: ;-)
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  2. Wow. The Micks did a damn fine job of what should truly be our national anthem.
  3. Happy Canada Day, Hosers.
  4. And what should still be our flag.
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  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Happy Canada Day. Our staunchest friends in North America and originators of the finest sport known to mankind.


    I note this years celebrations are to focus on the War of 1812. Excellent way to rub in the fact that you gave the yanks a kicking :)
  6. Not a fan of the Pearson duster either, I take it? ;-)
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  7. Happy Canada day from Alberta from a Taffnadian. Might have a couple of pints if Keiths later to celebrate.

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  8. L.A. Kings win 2012 Stanley Cup! Holy Shit! :eek:mg; The California Canuks were just a little bit better than the New Jersey ones. ;-)


    As for the Canucks priding themselves on giving Uncle Sam a kicking during the War of 1812 it wasn't that one-sided. There's a gentleman named Jackson that was pleased to give GEN Pankenham a hot reception at Chalmette Plantation. ;-) So much for Peninsular War experience. :p


    Happy Birthday, Bro!

  9. Happy Canada Day/Dominion Day to my friends in the True North!

    Just got an email of my Godchild in Collingwood, ON with a maple leaf flag painted on her forehead.

    As anthems have been linked above I am linking the Vice-Regal Anthem in honour of your Governor General, a man I like and admire.

    Vice Regal Salute (Canada) - YouTube

    May you all remain strong and free!
  10. Well said sir.

    As to the finest sport, I think that is Ice Hockey but your reference is unclear as you could be referring to Lacrosse or basketball instead as Lacrosse originated among members of the First Nations in Canada and Basketball was invented by Naismith when he was at McGill in Montreal.

    As to burning the White House, I wonder if they could come back and do it again. And throw in the Capitol for good measure, politicians waste oxygen and contribute to global warming with each breath they take.
  11. Sorry, Rucker, but when I think of Jefferson's opinion that the "The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be a mere matter of marching", I still can't help but smile. ;-)

    I live about 25 miles east of one of the most shameful exploits of the US Army (and that's the considered opinion of American historians, I might add). Crysler's Farm Battle of Crysler's Farm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Too bad it was fought on Nov. 11th, as it is a landmark battle in Canada's history.

    And a happy 4th of July to you, in case you think I'm extracting the urine too much. ;-)
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  12. Quick bump up, 146 not out.
  13. Happy birthday to the civilised end of north America.
  14. Guns

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    O Canada the land of the free moose. Looking forward to the gun salute at the Citadel here in Halifax and then some nice fireworks.