An 18 year old girl went home and told her mum that she'd missed a couple of her periods.
Very concerned, the mum went to the chemist and bought a pregnancy testing kit..........The result showed that the girl was indeed pregnant.
The mother told the girls Father, who started shouting "I want to know who the pig was that did this to you, and I want to know now"
The girl picked up her cell phone and made a call. Half an hour later a Ferrari pulled up in front of the house, and a good looking guy about thirty years old, extremely well dressed in an Armani suit, got out and entered the house.
He sat in the living room with the girl and her parents and said,
"Your daughter informs me that she is pregnant and that I am the father. There is a problem.....I can't marry her because of my present family set up , but I will take charge of this situation. I will pay all the medical costs for your daughter up to and including the birth, and afterwards, I will see to it that she is taken care of for the rest of her life.
If the baby is born a girl, I will ensure that in my will she receives two of my department stores, a house in the south of France, an apartment in London and two million pounds cash.
If the baby is a boy, then my legacy to him will be two of my engineering factories, several houses here in the UK and four million pounds cash.
If twins are born, they will each receive a factory, a department store, a house and two million pounds cash.
However..................If your daughter has a miscarriage, then I'm not sure what to do......Do either of you have any suggestions?"
At this point, the girls father placed his hand firmly on the mans shoulder and said.."Well, if that's the case.....You shag her again."

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