144 Parachute Medical Squadron (V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dangerousdave, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if someone could help with these questions please?

    Are any units of 144 in Birmingham at all? (i can only see HQ based London from Google search)
    Do they have a website to see what roles i could do with them? (I am looking at joining as an ODP or CMT maybe?)
    Do you have to live near their TA centre, or is it national recruitment? (i.e, could join London if no other units around UK?)

  2. I thought they were in Glasgow, Notingham and Cardiff
  3. As above but also London Det is with HQ.
  4. Is that the place near Alexandra Palace?
  5. I served for sixteen years with London Det and travelled around fifty miles each way. So unless things have changed and you are willing to do the travelling?

    The unit has vacancies for CMTs and has some ODPs not sure about the requirement for already trained or not.

    My advice would be to give the Nottingham Det a call and go visit on a Wednesday evening.

    Detachment C 144 Medical Squadron, 16 Close Support Medical Regiment
    Triumph Road
    NG7 2GG

    Tel: 0115 940 9558
  6. T 66,


    Priory Road, Hornsey.
  7. I took a cople of blokes there once a long time ago
  8. Long shot, did you pick them up from Bassingborne ?
  9. Many thanks for the advice guys. I am a current healthcare student training as an ODP at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust. I have also seen 202 field hospital is local to me, but would like to do 144 Parachute Medical Sqn if they would take on people on a national basis?? My nearest unit for 144 would be Nottingham. Is this a national recruiting unit? thanks DD 8)