144 Parachute Medical Squadron (V)

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dangerousdave, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if someone could help with these questions please?

    Are any units of 144 in Birmingham at all? (i can only see HQ based London from Google search)
    Do they have a website to see what roles i could do with them? (I am looking at joining as an ODP or CMT maybe?)
    Do you have to live near their TA centre, or is it national recruitment? (i.e, could join London if no other units around UK?)

    DD 8)
  2. The only dets for 144 are London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Nottingham.
  3. thanks for that 8)

    just wondering if they'd take national recruitment tho? as in, only attend on weekends? as unable to travel so far for a drill night midweek :? 8)
  4. You could ring them.....
  5. they could also answer the phone :roll: lol 8)
  6. If you are keen and the unit wants you travel shouldn't be to much of a problem. I had a lad in my unit that had 200 mile round trips and a few more who were in the 100 mile range. Most were local though so I suppose the travel costs were averaged out.
  7. I'm interested in this unit too (Glasgow det); does anyone know if they have a psychiatric team? I think 205 Fd Hosp next door have, also looked online re RNR in Greenock and RAFAux at Leuchars but no info apparent about opportunities for RMN qualified Officer's. I'm a senior Charge Nurse CPN, quite fit but an auld man of 41, would be keen to push my self to the limit (and beyond...) with p-company, AACC or the like. Mid-life crisis maybe but surely cheaper than a big motorbike and a divorce! I will phone the various units in the New Year but horses mouth advice gratefully received in the mean time.
  8. Check the thread 'Old and Bold ?'

    41?.....get some time in that lad :D
  9. Off topic, do these chaps still run Pegasus?

    I fcking loved that competition!