144 Para Med Sqd

Does anyone have any info about the above unit in the London area?? When do they meet? Are they very 'airborne' or take their medical role seriously as well?? How long does training take from starting to completing P-Coy?? What are the chances of being able to get on to do a jumps course having completed P-Coy??

Do Det Nights tend to consist of phys or medical training or mixture??

Help greatly appreciated

I'm ex 144. There TAC is in Hornsey North London, drill night 7.45pm (1945hrs) on Wednesday. They are very 'Airborne' but do take there medical role seriously. P-Coy depends on your fitness level they will help you with training but to pass P-Coy you will have to do a lot on your own. They will test you out before you go to P-Coy to make sure you have a chance. Jumps course is normally after your trade training, and drill nights follow 45min lecture on military/medical skills then 45mins PT/sport.

Great Unit, my closest friends all served or are still serving with 144. I travelled the world with them Australia, USA a few times and all over europe. Also a little trip to a sandy place March 2003.

Hope this helps.

I lobbed with a few of your blokes a couple of years ago and knew one of the PSIs quite well ( Rog D ), is he still there?

Rog D

I last saw him in the sandpit june 03, probably one of the hardest working/best soldiers I have worked with.

Hope to see him this year if he comes to any mess dinner or reunions.

My last military jump was July 03 just before I left, where did you jump with 144?


Pegasus, what fun we had running that competion. Make it as hard as possible and then watch people work even harder, I raise my beret to everybody that had the guts to finish it.
Never jumped with 144 but I know yer man well and I agree, one of the finest soldiers I've met.
im a crow there if your pasted ur CMS u can go on this p coy comming up, feb 26th but u will have to do TABBIT WEEKEND ON THE 17-19TH of Feb

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