144 (para) field ambulance

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by muzzleflash, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done to death elsewhere, but can anyone provide some up to date info on this unit, i.e. locations, selection process, cut off age etc
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  4. Thanks MSR and agreed - website crock of she-ite, hence on here
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    I am sure that the guys will help you out.

  6. i think they are in Nottingham pal
  7. This is where they are - no contact details though!

    144 PARA Med Sqn:
    SHQ – London/Hornsey.
    A Det – Glasgow.
    B Det – Nottingham.
    C Det – Cardiff.
  8. Does anyone have a training programme for the aapcoy for 144 ramc? or any details on the testing for it?
  9. I know one of their fullscrews sees no problem, when picking up his recruits, in collecting as much of their packed lunch sweets as he can cram into a brown paper bag.

    Even worse, he thinks that because he is in civvies he cannot be b@llocked for nicking stuff

  10. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.
  11. Hi.
    I was the junior PSI here from 1973 to 1974 before completing my service and leaving the service.
    My Senior PSI was Cliff (can't remember his surname)
    Strange job, wore civvies all week except drill nights (Thursday's) and weekends.

    Not the happiest of times, bored mostly with very little to do.
    Our drill halls were rented out to various television companies to do their rehearsals.

    Terry Stevens


    As an Airborne unit you need to pass P-Coy.

    During part of your basic all arms selection based at brigade training teams, you will be assessed for your fitness, during or after your fitness will be tested, if successful you will be put forward for P-Coy. It's physically demanding so you would struggle if you were over 40, but thats not the cut off age. If you have passed P-Coy previously, you amy just need to show that your fitness is still there i.e. 10 miler.

    The next P-Coy is in December, with training starting very soon.
  13. Re: 144 Para Field Ambulance.
    No such a unit, hasnt been since the 70's :)
  14. They still had the 144 Parachute Medical Squadron sign up in Llandaff this morning