144 Medical Squadron

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RNCbob, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. As an NHS employee I found my boss extremely supportive of joining the TA, there will also be written policies and procedures about what you have to do for the organisation and what they will do for you.
  2. Also, I may be being completely stupid here, if MMA, mixed martial arts is what your talking about, then the army are supportive of this and have their own competitions!
  3. Training commitment is basically as described on the website you have quoted. Training weekends count as 2.5 days (Friday night through to Sunday afternoon, taking place usually every fortnight) and drill nights count as 0.25 days and usually take place 1930-2130hrs on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. In addition you will need to complete a two week (15 day) residential camp or course per year. If you achieve a total of 27 days from these activities and pass the required military tests you are eligible for a tax free bounty paid at the end of the year in Mays pay.

    As for P-Coy I'm sure someone will be along shortly to fill you in on the details.
  4. If P coy is a problem why not join 203 at the same location
  5. 3) P Coy - wings/trade or trade/wings - Good Luck.
  6. RNCbob have a look through this thread and maybe send this guy, 17thseptember 1944 a PM as he's the man in the know

    also if you're down the bay on the 26th i'm sure 144 will have a recruiting stand like they did last year

    so whats your mma record like then, it wasn't you down in swansea last year was it?
    oh and finally, welcome to the snakepit that is the en aitch ess in south wales