144 Fake?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by exrnmedic, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. There is a fella in London walting it up and pretending to be a paramedic. Let's get one thing clear, this man is not and never has been a paramedic. According to his facebook page and his anecdotes he is a paratrooper and is in 144 Parachute Medical Squadron.

    I know that he isn't a paramedic and has no medical background at all but he is claiming to be a paratrooper and also in 144 para med sqdn. He was last seen wearing a maroon beret, maroon t shirt and jeans in the london area. He also wears a stable belt sometimes or a maroon sweatshirt with para wings embroidered on it.

    This is his facebook www.facebook.com/paratrooper144

    Is anyone able to confirm or deny? I say again, he is NOT, never has been and never will be a paramedic.
  2. Well you've told us he is a fake - why do you need anyone to confirm it? Unless you're not sure.
  3. Have you asked to see his IHCD certs or uni diploma to prove he is indeed a fake??
  4. His profile isn't open to general viewing, I added him anyway to see what hes got to say for himself :)
  5. He is well known in the London Ambulance Service. Not for being a genuine paramedic but because he isn't one and has been spotted trying to carry out interventions at the roadside. There are actions on site that all LAS staff are to follow if he is seen.

    I have known that he has been impersonating a paramedic for a long time as I received a copy of a memo stating that we are to report any sight of him to a DSO. He doesn't appear on the HPC register so he isn't a paramedic and he attended a course that was run by a colleague of mine claiming to be a HEMS paramedic when he isn't.

    I find it hard to believe that he would be in 144 without being a paramedic but he might just be the cook or the grease monkey so I wondered if any 144 bods knew if he actually was in or not.
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    Moved by me.
  7. Thanks for moving it but I thought all Walt activity went in the other forum? Maybe I don't understand the rules properly. Anyway this guy is a first class walt and is well known in London so if anyone can confirm or deny his involvement in 144 and exactly what his role is if he is indeed in the unit then it would be much appreciated.
  8. Most walts are by definition harmless...

    This guy, by purporting to being a paramedic, is a danger to the public, so it's probably a good idea to post it where someone who can do something about him might read it and take appropriate action.
  9. He has been reported on numerous occasions to the HPC and the Police. He even attempted to put a chest drain in a patient. The list of things he has been caught doing are endless and his lies get more elaborate each time he tells them. Actually proving anything is very difficult though, hence the actions on sight memo. He disappeared for a long time when his girlfriend took over his business but he has just arrived back on the scene much to the disappointment of many of us.
  10. Imitating a Paramedic is an offence, and therefore the police should be left to deal with this individual rather than you initiating a personal walt-hunt. I can't see them being too impressed with some nutter carrying out chest drains on odd people in the street with no experience.
  11. 8O by the roadside? Stay and play?
    He attempted to put a chest drain and that was hard to prove later??? How far did he get? Scalpel, nurse?
    Is there more to this story?
  12. You do not need to be a "paramedic" to serve in 144. In 144 ,Paramedic means... Para(parachutist) Medic....(medic). Most of the guys are CMT,s , BARTS/BTLS trained like the rest of the AMS. Very few of them are civvie paramedics. Officers are usually medical professionals except for MSO,s.
    As for this guy....never heard of him.

  13. Ah OK, so do 144 also use TA trained CMTs? i.e. parachute medics as you suggested
  14. Err did you read the post.

    Not sure if you understand but 144 is a TA unit.