143 Bde saam

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brutus, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Heard the other day this event is now cancelled, anyone else heard the same? :(
  2. What is it? SAAM?

    i will find out?
  3. Skill at arms meeting
  4. Just tried my contact at 143X. No answer. Will find out on tuesday and post back.
  5. Thank Fuxk, no more GD's for our guys.
  6. You are correct the SAAM has been cancelled due to very very tight budget again!!!!
  7. I wonder what is more important than skill at arms?
  8. Probaly media training sponsered by richard and judy and cheaper for the MOD too says the treasury!
    or am i just being cynicaly bitter and twisted
  9. Err.. yes you are, but probably on the mark!
  10. Its annoying as we have some lads on it which would be good experience for them to compete at a higher level.
  11. It's a sign of the times
  12. Maybe those money grabbing swines can sponsor it from their pay outs from the press.....Maybe they should attend and practice shooting!

    Bitter, Twisted, Me?

  13. yep

    Had a mail from thr training mjr - advising the cancel due to budget costs!