14000 missing nurses

Now this is not a newsflash from Ipswich nor indeed the MTO at Rinteln's call for help thread.

However if it is the case that we have millions of long term unemployed youth and thousands of gapped nursing jobs, then do you need a Ph.D from Harvard to work out a solution here? Conscription doesn't normally float my boat but why not do a "Bevin boys" deal here and conscript trainee nurses? got to be better for dah yoof than media studies at East Wigan Polyversity or whatever else they do to occupy themselves? Give them three years, teach them to read and write and give them say 1.5 years credit towards a degree.

Well tony, what are you waiting for?? Mooooooove!
I seem to remember last year they were saying that the newly trained nurses could not find jobs any where. This is getting beyond a joke!
Cuddles said:
Well tony, what are you waiting for?? Mooooooove!

Oh Cuddles, you are a wag! You know there's no place for good ideas in this government! Move along now, go quietly... :wink:
Dozy come, come - I'm not an agitator so much as a think-tank!
If they need more Nurses then they can do what they did for teachers and offer free fee's and a wad of cash when they get a job.

Is Blair going to out source every thing in this country.
Have you a source Cuddles? The Nursing Times is always crying about job losses, about NHS nursing cuts etc. I would like to move to the mainland to get a job, but these scares put my wife off moving in case she can't get a staff nurse job anywhere in England.

On a different note, I was talking to a ward sister on one of the wards in my workplace; she's had to go to the Phillipines to recruit nurses into mental health nursing as there are such a lack of applicants from here.


Job Description - Nurse:

Work in Hostile Environment
Unsociable/long hours
On Call 24/7
Enjoy being abused by OAPs who soil themselves constantly
Wipe backsides and clean up others mistakes
wait hand on foot on young people with disabilities

Oh, sorry that's the JD for a SNCO in the Army.(sarcasm)

I wouldn't like to have a disgruntled teenager trying to stick a needle in my arm (though they may have enough personal experience at that), the nurses in hospitals today are doing a hell of a job with little support and that sounds really familiar.
My sister has not long finished her 3 year nursing degree and did quite well too, absoulutely no chance of finding a job. She has applied to 50+ all over the country and if she does not find employment as a nurse within 6 months she will have to do re-training. She has been resigned to doing agency work as a health care assisatnt despite being a trained nurse with a 2:1 nursing degree. Her only option now, like many others, is something we all know well.......the forces, and up to now there is no guarentee of her doing nursing in the forces too due the amount of trained nurses that are in a similar boat to hers joining up.
M_t_g, my wife was in a similar situation after completing her diploma, but luckily the ward she did her management module on pulled her out and got her a place. Many of the girls she trained with weren't as lucky; and she says now the students she trains have it even harder.


The problem of newly qualified nurses being unable to find work is nation-wide, and as acute as ever.
Agency work is all but 'dried up' as trusts resort to 'moving staff around' instead of paying for extra staff.
A glum picture indeed.
In terms of the UK Armed Forces (nursing) manning levels, the Army are under-manned (as per usual); the Navy is 'about right' and the RAF is very slightly overmanned, due to it being the better (more desirable) service!! :D We (of all 3 services) DO NOT want oiks with nothing better to do, so 'thought they'd give nursing a go' until they get bored, or they discover its hard work.!!


Well I given it up after 15yrs.Probably burned out not going to get a job
anywhere but elderly care and no chance of retraining .Certainly no academic high flyer ,but,I was competent and a safe practioner .
The pay isnt bad but the unsocial hours and dealing with the general public you can shove it.
Only thing i miss its not so much fun walking passed the collapsed granny in the supermarket now :twisted: .
Mental Health Nursing is definitely under-staffed; you could retrain for that?

Mind you, there's reasons why it's under-staffed...
eveyuk said:
Australia is actively recruiting our nurses and now Paramedics, people are starting to vote with their feet.

Last year Mrs Filthy went into hospital for a shoulder operation. Of the nursing staff who looked after her, a good 80% were Brits. They did a fantastic job, and most of them would have got it. Keep the ashes chaps, we'll make do with your nurses. :D


ABrighter2006 said:
I blame Missy!

Thanks!! It had to be someone! - want to give me a job AB?

Yes there are loads of nurses missing out of our NHS, problem is the NHS is completly fcuked up finance wise, and the governement have frozen the employment of more nurses!!
This means they have stopped employing from abroad (which is a lie as it only excludes countries not in the EU), they have stopped employing from outside the trusts and they are not employing newly qualified nurses, leaving those of us who actually want to be nurses, (not those monkeys who want a visa or don't know what to do with their 5 GCSEs) rather stuck! Therefore the vacancies of those nurses who leave or retire are not going to be filled, just shifted about!
So in 18 months, when I qualify if someone could offer me a job I would be most greatful!!!
The army is understaffed when it comes to nursing, maybe they should jump on this and start a mass recruitment, it could benefit them providing they pick good people!


beefer said:
Those missing nurses are inbound on a fleet of busses from Rinteln so I'm told :D

All our country's nurses must be in the Philippines as all their nurses are over here!!

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