140 Green Slime Mobilized

Well, we can all sleep peacefully now that 140 of the keenest minds in Britain have been mobilized to keep the wolf from the door.  These are presumably some of the same people who were inflicted on IFOR and who, in a theatrical attempt to conceal their identity, paraded around the place wearing other peoples' capbadges.  Problem was some of them were so behind the times they were pretending to be Buffs and the like, presumably because that is who they had done their national service with.  Odd that none of them seem to have found this website yet.  If they do, remember - a secret is something told to one person at a time.


It's ok, they will keep the 'troops' informed about any potential RPG attacks on the Falls!!


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Bless 'em - not only did 140 get the good word and then rearrange their entire lives, they've just been told that 60 have been stood down. Tchah.
They only ever wanted 80 but with the TA you can never tell who is gonns turn up so they called 140!
Just got off the phone with the Adjt of the aforesaid esteemed unit. Apparently what is being reported in the press is a load of bollocks. The original announcement still stands and the ranks of the army are about to be swelled by 140 of the sharpest minds available.
Yes, but only at the weekend.
Stand by, stand by...it's all about to happen again!!

Coming this Spring...the trawl to end all trawls...reaching even into the murky depths of the Regular Reserve. Can 3 MI cope? Will its permanent staff have to take the Summer off due to lack of soldiers?? Will Heidi the luvverly Analyst from Op SILKMAN be deployed in support of soldiers' morale??
Wave 2 due soon - the good news should arrive July ish to get there in time to replace wave 1.  

Of course where subsequent waves are coming from is anyone's guess.  Just remobilise the first lot I suppose.  
Things have moved on since the last post...has there been a trawl 3 or are you guys just extending in post to make life easier for everyone?
Things have moved on since the last post...has there been a trawl 3 or are you guys just extending in post to make life easier for everyone?
A little from column a, a little from column b ....

No sight of an official third wave yet but plenty of low-level muttering and planning "just in case".  Could be if a Queens order is signed that everyone and his dog will be going - without extra money - so a lot of uncertainty.  Many of the first wave will have to be called back anyway if you want a real (as opposed to token) third wave as we are so short of various specialities.  

Some people have extended but not that many - both they and their employer have to agree to an extension - I know of a few who wanted to but couldn't as their boss refused.  


I have heard a whisper that the "Third Wave" is on its way big time. Any one else head anything?


Well the rumer was right, but its only a small wave. A number of boys are waiting for a brown envelope to hit the front door mat.

All very happy troops I am sure!

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