14 Year Old - Insight Courses

Hello, i am 14 years old, and looking for an insight course.

I am applying for the army in February, hopefully going to Harrogate then the paras.

I want something similar or close to the para insight course.
I originally wanted to go on that, but then found out it was aged 16 and above.

Any help would be much appreciated.
You normally have to be in year 10, speak to your schools career teacher who will get in touch with ACA Schools clerk in the local ACIO and look what courses are available around your work experience week. In the mean time look at joining ACF
I've considered the ACF numerous times.
But the local detachment got demolished for some reason.

Also, schools in my area are stopping work experience, so i dont know what to do...
As said speak to your schools career advisor...things need to be booked by them to the ACA schools

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