14 year od daughter wants a lappy - this any good?

um it depends on what its for,

if she wants something for basic school work then sure its fine but if she wants it to watch dvd's on and play games on or edit photo's or video's then its a bit weak

i got mine a hp dv7 series since it should last untill after she finishes colledge.

also be warey of software bundles its often cheaper to register somewhere like Student discounts, deals & offers for premium software in UK (its free to register but it takes them a week or two to verify the student status) and purchase the full package at knock down prices.

the problem with craptops over desktops is you cant upgrade much on the cheap and if you buy cheap its failing ot meet the user needs faster so needs replacing mroe often and ends up cheap = more cost over time than expensive today and cheaper into the future
What? 6GB of RAM and a not-too shabby processor. Can I have some of what you're smoking?
from here;
Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 Review | Laptops | CNET UK

While the 15.6-inch Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-17J is cheap, its limited range of ports, pedestrian performance and uninspiring build quality mean this laptop doesn't really offer good value for money.

not that i really needed to look the cpu is weak compared to others the gfx on it are decent the ram is slow and consequently the overal performance would be jittery at best if you put a common security center product on there (mcrappee/norton etc) if it had a tri or quad core cpu then i might agree but an ancient cpu is never going to give good long service, never mind that its a toshiba entry level device and built to fall apart with badley positioned ports
Except that's got a different chip in it, doesn't state 64 bit or not, doesn't mention the RAM....
so what your saying is without the first clue about components your profering an opinion about how good something is based on the fact the marketing blurb doesnt mention things ........

let me explain this a bit more for you, the processor is a combination CPU GPU with a fraction of the required on chip memory cache to run a 64bit os and run peripherial components like the dvd drive,

the gpu is part of the same structure as the cpu meaning there will be serious bottlenecks to performance in any graphics intensive stuff, the hdd installed is a bog standard 5400rpm hdd, its slow, the memory is 1333MHz ddr3 and its in mixed sizes of 4 and 2 gig sticks so it will work a lot slower than if it had 2 x 2gig or 2 x 4gig ddr2 sticks at 600MHz

its actually this item;

Satellite C660D-1EP - Product Specifications - Toshiba

and the overal windoes experiance index rating for that laptop is 3.9 putting it firmly in the barely runs windows 7 area

the thing might of been half decent if they hadnt used something desgined to run a 7" netbook system
I'm impressed!

Looks pretty but not really much cop, then.

Expect the laptop will be mostly school stuff, she does not play eg. online games.

I've ordered Windows 2010 Pro via the skool discount route. £38, which is nice.

It was always the case that box-shifters like PC World / Currys / Comet et al sold yesterday's state of the art at tomorrow's prices. Many systems & lappies etc are built down to a price point.

If they say an item is reduced from 549.99 to 349.97 it (could) simply mean that they offered the item at the (stupid) higher price for a few days in a single shop before reducing it to the price it was always designed to sell for. Don't be taken in by 'SALE' claims - how can anyone reduce something by 40% or more and still make a profit.

If you want a lappie, why not go directly to Dell or HP?

The toshiba is here at £309 if you are quick. Toshiba SATELLITE C660 15.6 LAPTOP - WHITE review cheap prices SATELLITE C660 15.6 LAPTOP - WHITE Toshiba best buy discount online uk shop

I have bought twice from here - in my experience they are no better or no worse than most other online retailers that I have bought from.

Pixmania used to be owned or part owned by DSG Retail (Currys/Dixons/PC World) I think.
if you can spring for 6>700 notes then a decent laptop is a much better option, i know its what i spent a chunk of my gratuity getting some for my kids

and use a half decent place to buy from the likes of pc world /curry/s dixons/comet/powerhouse/brhitehouse are offering stuff thats below par on average

i got a samsung thing out of a catalouge last year because i knew waht the specs were and for some reason they were selling it for 1k less than everyone else, turned out it was an advertising error in my favour 8)

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