14 week basic ????/

I have been in a while and completed the basic 12 weeks at Winchester. My brother is now joining up (must be all the great stories lol) and he has been told that he will be doing 14 weeks basic ( HE is going to Pirbright ).

I wondered if this was true or is he having his third leg pulled by the jolly fellows at the careers office. Wondered if anybody out there knew of this and without jepordising Opsec could tell me what the extra 2 weeks is all about( God for his sake I hope it isbt moe N.V.Q.s )
Spoke to a mate of mine a couple of weeks ago and his missus is going Royal Signals and claims that her basic is 14weeks. Havent heard much else about it to be honest!
start mine next monday and yes it is now 14 weeks but i was told the extra 2 weeks were going to be adventurous training and more pt.
It is still only 12 weeks CMS/R there is a 2 week warmer to get the recruits geared up physicaly and mentaly and adventurous training, rather than the mad you get there and straight into it most of us know ....
there seems to be 2 weeks added onto the army foundation college aswell, before i was told it was 42 weeks, but when i went for my 2nd interview they had told me it had changed to 44 weeks.
I was in the last troop that has done a 12 weeker. We were told that they have changed it to allow more saturdays (time) off, more troop commander days and that shite etc
I start Monday at Lichfield and it is now definitely 14 weeks I was shown a video last week of it and it is in my joining instructions as well.

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