14 SR Sweaty Palm ex.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Salford-Vera, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone remember them, fookin tvvat of an exercise if you was being hunted.

    Whats your story?
  2. What's yours?
  3. I remember the start of the exercise being quite p1ssed as i'd been out for most of the day. Then getting trucked out into the middle of nowhere, i remember we had to kill a sheep, rabbits and chickens so we could eat.

    I also remember robbing a shop at daft oclock in the morning as we had seen a delivery truck drop loads of food off. It was like hansel and gretel after as you could follow us for miles with empty cartons.

    Does the exercise still take place?
  4. What period were you there mate and what troop if you don't mind me asking??
  5. Was there from 88 til 91, 3sqn working initially on ech (spelling??) then went on the rebro's, my tank commander was a scouse fella called F**** F******* from anfailed in merseydive. If you want more info pm me, like ive said on another post, im new to this game.

    Nice one.
  6. Do you ever shut up? I see your post count is way up from what it was just a few hours earlier.
  7. Many happy memories of this exercise both as hunter and hunted, '83 to '86, 3 Sqn

  8. I think I hunted the year you ran Stu, then the might Angle Grinders hunted the year after! After we had come back from Granby and scuttled their wives while they were out there cleaning up the mess which we left behind!

    I do remember a certain (Celle Rebro Crew Full Screw) White Helmet sending them a postcard boasting of our achievments on the bed-notch count!!

    P.S You ran the same year as M.G didnt you?
  9. MG? Pm me mate.
  10. If I'm not mistaken there was a couple of AMPs (remember those) from the Regt who were doing the deed and leaving stuff behind for the husbands to find. Apparently a favourite was the blue and white "R. Signals - Combat Communicators fir the British Army" stickers, in the husband's best boots or behind the wedding photographs. Axel and Andy come on down.