14 Sigs Snide file

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by badegg, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. A 225 there was a chunder book kept by the techs, and rumours of a very strange book written by those very strange types.
  2. NCC (233) had one too.
  3. Yes, I remember it well - and the T'Berg version a hundred or so miles to the East.

    No idea whether the tradition continues.
  4. GIAO, Sadly the tradition no longer continues, mumblings of bullying, bad for security, that sort of thing.

    If you thought the Langy snide books were something to behold, you should have seen the 9SR VX ops
    specials from 93-95. Took more than a mid shift to get through, and a surgical truss was required to keep your
    ribs in place.

    Happy memories....
  5. Perevodchik wrote, GIAO, Sadly the tradition no longer continues, mumblings of bullying, bad for security, that sort of thing.

    Those books were class, the ones i saw in T'Berg, Birgelen and Echo/Romeo Troop were pure fun and yes it was snidey, is that a real word?., but they were great to read and in a funny way built up team spirit, wonder where they ended their days?

    they should have been sent to the museum put in a cabinet and a page turned every day.
  6. I remember it well.........we must know each other. I remember old soviet military magazines with funny captions pencilled in on the pictures, one springs to mind. Picture of Soviet LAD with a Sov VM working on the tank with a spanner, little bubble drawn above his head saying ' mmm I'll easy this for my tank'.

    Some of the cartoons were absolutely fantastic.
  7. Sounds like we all intersected. The glory days of 1 (BR) Corps!
  8. Nice one HtL, I'd forgotten about that one. Sheer genius.

    The best ones where were they'd done anagrams of people's names. Len P Stoat still
    sends me into a wrinkle.

    Macattack, good album cover for the avatar mate, there can't be many of us still about.
  9. I was at 14 in the late 90's. We had snide book in my troop and one in the Bosnia Det as well. Also had one in 9 Sigs in 93.
  10. As I recall, most of the little sketches ended with the obligatory 'Yeah - Norman!' and a big right hand gyrating up and down.

    Edited to add - or 'EASY!!!!!'
  11. I can confirm that 225 did indeed have a very good chunder book.....Unfortunately, I had the dubious pleasure of shredding it last week as part of the drawdown of the Sqn....Funnily enough, I was also the last entry in it....It was a malicious slur!
  12. It should have been re-named the Paddle-Arse memorial book... If I remember he was on almost every page!
  13. I remember featuring in the Langy snide file, and also the 9 Sigs Vx Op file as one of the Cyprus 6 :eek:)

    Happy days!
  14. I was in 14 Sigs / Celle and Langy between 85 - 88 (LCpl/Cpl) then 9 Sigs fm 90 - 93 (Cpl/Sgt) - and the Snide books kept us sane during the 24 hr shift stints as a vx op at Langy!! U gave and took - It was all dun in good spirit - looking back it seems like yesterday! Best wishes to all that know me ! Times have definatley change and I don't think you could get away with it now lol !!!!