14 Sigs Op Granby

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by unterwasserpanzerfahrer, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. A photograph was taken of the sqn at the end of the ground war in our bermed up area on the outskirts of Kuwait. Does anyone have a copy?
  2. 'fraid not, but I wish I did too - though I do have one of Merv F***** prints which he painted - signed by the chap too, though it's too big to scan in and post - sorry.

    Remember all the pyro being let off??
  3. Yeah i remember that, good crack. Whats this print you've got JT0475?
  4. As it's hung up downstairs in the den I'll have to do this from memory, it's various scenes from 14 Sigs deployment on Granby - det's setting up - Paddy D features in his Fez with MLRS being fired in the background, guarding PoW's, driving through the breach, LAD fixing panzers etc etc.

    Merv F did the original, and there was a limited number of prints which were sold in the PRI, and I was lucky enough to get hold of one before being posted to 30 Sigs after we all came back.
  5. I have a pic too, it also has a hummel on its way to collect Dick Turpins laundry that he forgot.
  6. Feck, I'd forgotten about that..... :D
  7. Fook, i'd have loved to have got me hands on one of them, i was back in civvie street 3 weeks after returning from leave after Op G.

    LAD fixing panzers, that would be our panzer, always fooked, think we did 4 pack lifts out there.

    I remember Col from LAD saying @if the engine cuts out again, just twatt it with a tool fine adjusting' and you know what, it always got it going again.
  8. And of course Fat Kev (the Toad) was towed all around the war on a set of hollybones, how I laughed. But not as funny as Dick Turpins war cry when he said 1/3 of us were going to die. regards JJ
  9. I thought turpin actually said a higher figure than that the cunht.
  10. Disco,

    Would you be the Airborne type chappie who liked Land Rovers???

  11. Thats me matey
  12. Check PM's bud
  13. JJ I was on your det, give you a clue i wasnt the scottish one who kept licking his face, dont tell me curry again, cant believe nobodys got that photo gutted.
  14. alright fella, yeah turpin was a complete twat, i take it you were on the reb ros and you left well schnell after we got back hope all is going well
  15. Here's a treat for you then ...

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