14 Sigs - Info on area and the work

Yes It's the case that I'll be moving on but want to find out any info about the area.
Does anyone have any contacts for jobs- the wife is qualified to work in school or nursery and wants to keep at this line of work.
Posting's a posting to me and will relish a new job "Lifes what you make it"
Earn ya money and get on with it.
Any info will be apprecaited. :twisted:


Can't give you much information, job-wise mate for ya missus, but the area's a bit in-the-middle-of-nowhere, with the closest semi-decent town, Haverfordwest, being a 10-20 min drive away (depending how fast you drive!). If your missus is like most women, then she won't be happy with the shops in town as there are very few shops in town, just the basics really! But I guess at least you'll be happier with the weight of your wallet!!

The unit is pretty quiet and dull in the Winter, but in the Summer, it isn't too bad. There's a beach less than five minute's drive away (from camp, not the pads, which are located in Haverforwest) and is great for surfing and watersports. There's also a nice (but short) coastal path to walk/run along.

Um, there's a few basics about the place anyway mate, I've tried to give you the good points about the unit, as if I were to start droning on about the bad points, I'd be here all day! :roll: :D If you've got any specific questions mate, just ask away! :)
Many thanks squirt.
14 Sigs is without a doubt the finest EW regiment in the British Army. Things may have changed since my last visit, but the horror stories are mostly unfounded. The short working week is a real bonus. H-West isn’t all that bad. If the missus is a shopaholic she’ll probably find it lacking, but Swansea is only a little over an hour away. Having said that, there are a couple of supermarkets in H-West and all of the basic amenities to get by. The MQ’s are top notch, located just outside H-West. They are close enough to town (5-minute walk), but being on the edge of town it’s a quiet estate – no traffic, local kids etc.

I can’t comment on the employment prospects for education/child care. I do know that the schools teach the kids Welsh.

As Squirt said, the area is quiet in the winter, but being a big tourist destination it gets very busy throughout the summer months. I don’t remember the coastal path being particularly short. I always thought that the coastal path ran the length of the Pembrokeshire coast, which is quite long. If you’re into outdoor stuff, there is plenty to do; the Pembrokeshire coastline has National Park status and water sports are big thing in the area. New Gale and Whitesands are popular with surfers.

The Regiment is at Brawdy, it’s all on their web pages, ex-RAF base, on a hill, windy as hell, takes ages to walk from one end of camp to the other, etc, etc. As with every unit, it’s the personalities that set the tone. You can have one moron that drags a whole squadron down. The nature of the unit, and it’s varying roles makes for an interesting time. Life is indeed what you make of it, some folks rock up at the camp gates with a negative attitude that stays with them for 3 years, and they thoroughly hate the place. The unit is a bit different, I’m not saying that to glorify it or infer that it is in some way special, but it’s not a Div Signal Regt. The sqn’s each perform their specialist roles, which involves working with different cap badges and other arms of service.

I hope that’s of some help.
Fraser said:
14 Sigs is without a doubt the finest EW regiment in the British Army.
Not a difficult title for it to maintain, it being the only EW Regiment in the British Army :wink:

I quite enjoyed my time with 14. I loved the area, Pembrokeshire is a beautiful part of Wales. There is work available for wives, although it rends to be retail type stuff.

The Opportunities for water sports etc are great. As someone mentioned above, Newgale beach is a couple of minutes drive away and offers excellent surfing and bass fishing. You can see a piccy of the beach here.

The quarter areas are quite good, with decent sized modern houses about 10 minutes walk from the center of Haverfordwest. Camarthan is about half an hour away which has a better shopping area. And the Kebab shop delivers, perfect.

All in all, a good posting. Whether you enjoy it or not will depend, but the opportunities are there. Enjoy it mate.


Get the Hive number from your current unit-the lady there is very helpful. Gorgeous area-lots of people (me included) buy houses there and settle the family there. Good schools, little crime-just like the small town I grew up in. OK so the kids end up with a welsh accent, but there are worse things in life (but not many!)
The work doesn't exactly give me a hard on, and the area is a bit too quiet for me. But it has it's good points as already mentioned. 4 day week is the big one.
A enjoyed my time there, lovely area, folks are nice, only down side in it for me was my daughter was doing her GCSEs at the time and wasn't allowed to take French, she had to take Welsh (as did the welsh pupils).

May sound a minor factor but all through secondry education in Uk and Germany she was learning French, Welsh kids had been learnig Wlesh all their lives.

She failed Welsh and this set her back in confidence
oh the welsh ! what a bunch of f ucking mongs ! why learn a language like that in a world like this ? it doesnt make sense (welsh that is )

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