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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Anyone able to help me, I've been jiffed with a task, and need to know, when is foundation day for 14 Signal Regt (EW) is it 1 July 1977 or at some point in 1959? If 1959, when?

    Any help gratefully received!
  2. R Sigs website

    Also in the Vital Link (yeah yeah I own a copy, every good Corps man does :p ) it says 14 Sigs was formed in 1977 by Lt Col Sprackling OBE. I would go with the later date. If your still worried try the museum or the local RSA.

    Good Luck
  3. I think someone else has already helped you, but just to be clear:

    1959 - 14 is formed
    1977 - renamed 14 (EW) - this is the date commonly quoted as being formation day (1st July).
  4. I'm going to take you back a bit....

    When I was at Harrogate I got lemoned for something called 'Signal View' which was basically a Corps recruitment event where they bussed in gaggles of schoolkids and attempted to get them to enlist in R Signals.

    Units within the Corps sent det/stands to 14 Sigs - based at Worcester. My part in it was as a guide to lots of pretty young schoolgirls - about the same age as me (16) and there's a story there but not for this forum. This was 1974 - distinctly remember watching the World Cup final (West Germany Vs Holland) in the cinema.

    Additionally, when I was a member of the Regt, I was sent back on a KAPE tour to Gloucester - where they have the freedom of the city, believe they used to be in something called Robin Hood Barracks. We set up a stand, ran the Gloucester Half Marathon etc. The Regt was quite proud of the fact they had the freedom of Celle & Gloucester and we had the Mayor & Burgemeister talking to each other over the HF.

    Hope that helps!!
  5. I am fairly certain it could be for this forum mate. It doesn't say be clean on the tin label LOL.
  6. I'm guessing Naafi for that one actually. :)
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    Actually all reasonably innocent, remember getting in a heap of shyte from the SSM for getting a hickey - think it was when that English ref gave the Dutch a penalty in the first couple of minutes!!

    Anyway I'm trying to help someone with his 14 Sigs history homework.

  8. 'Dutch' 'hickey' and 'homework' all in one post? What are you trying to do to me? :)
  9. Why, you doing a crossword or summat? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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  11. 1976 Amalgamated with the (then) 30 Sig Regt.
    Do you mean the 14th Army Signal Regiment, formed in BOAR in 1955, and stationed in Lemgo?
    This regiment was joined by the Lubbecke District Signal Squadron (formerly 3 Sqn 19 Army Gp Signal Regiment)
    This Regiment is not listed after 1957