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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jcarver007, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if 14 Signals have had a officers/sgt mess party recently or if it is coming up. I had a enquiry from them about a ice sculpture luge for a "Orient Express" party but didnt take down the date of the event. The e-mail we have doesnt seem to work!

    If anyone knows about it could they pass on that we can offer a bigger discount than previously given.


    Ice Agency

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  2. Perhaps they've just gone cold on you?
  3. Too late, it's been and gone.
  4. I think its ace, could you do a massive ice phallus. For my unit. No thats not a euphamism.
  5. In reply to E-Layer's comments, its not shit admin at all. quite often an enquiry will be in the initial phase and will just want a quick quote and nothing more.

    As for being a poor attempt at advertising, your wide of the mark. I use the forum a lot to get info for various ice sculptures i do for the British Army. the last was for info on the mud guard for RAF gunners for a forthcoming ice sculpture at a wedding in August. and i think previous to that was asking for the insignia for 9 reg RLC.

    I do sometimes mention about the discounts on ice luges for all serving members and retired members of the Armed Forces in some posts i put but that is to benefit others. Such a thing would of course be wasted on yourself. :D