14 Signal Regiment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mission, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Help! i'm doing a course and have to do a presentation on odette something i know nothing about can anybody help me out please. thanks
  2. Odette wasn't a something, she was a someone.
  3. tried them got some stuff but need to know more fast. like i know all specs for the laptops and stuff but what there actually used for i have no idea
  4. I'dlike to know whqat course you;re on that requires you to brief on something like odette if you haven;t worked it.
  5. Damn it someone swapped the keys around on my keyboard when I wasn't looking :)
  6. Ahhhhh, Odette. Abrilliant idea based on superb technology, put together by a youth opportunities scheme project group.

    PM me. If I believe you are genuine I'll send you some info and pointers.

  7. hello all this is mission reference 14 signal regiment cancel +
  8. Obviously not an operator! ;)

    CQ de Msn ZUI 14SR ZFR AR


  9. hmmm i'm sure i recognise that from trainin somethin to do with a teleprinter i think
  10. who are you firstly?

    what is the course for and what do you need to know.

    have you looked on the mod website for 14 sigs.

    i doubt many are going to tell you all about it over the internet.
  11. I'll tell you about it - It's CACK!!!!!
  12. Gracious, what a well thought out post.

    Get the fcukin bays swept ya berk!