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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jay2o, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. hey guy im due to start my phase 1 training next month and i was offered a job as EWSO.
    i just wondered what work was like on a daily basis when not on tour.
    and to anyone has been to cawdor, whats it like? heard its miles from anywhere

  2. You don´t only go to 14 Sigs. And it is in the midle of nowhere.

    Other than that, I do´t really know what the day to day is.
  3. Miles from anywhere is a pretty fair assessment, just hit the beach and keep driving.

    Loads to do outdoor wise if you make the effort, shame most people just whine about it being in the middle of no where and go home every weekend. Many drive back early hours of Monday morning only to leave to drive back home on the Thursday evening. So not alot of people give it a chance.

    Day to day is normal vehicle and kit maintainance and anything else that can be thrown in, PT, courses etc

    As with anywhere depends who your hierachy are.

    Personally I love the place. 8)
  4. im with you on that one i thoroughly enjoyed my time at 14. hard work and fast moving but never a dull moment 'another day' does make a point that nobody gives it a chance, the area is fantastic with so much to do and if people can count 10 miles away from town centre as "the middle of nowhere" then they need to get out more.

    if you are fortunate enought o get posted there grasp the oppurtunity dont just sit on your 'arsse' get out there and do things.

    good luck
  5. cheers, im an outdoor kinda guy anyways and a 520miles round trip every weekend? no thanks thatd be half ma wages in petrol
  6. Well if you do go down that route and end up there just make the best of what is on your door step. Good Luck.