14 Signal Regiment Moving Location?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ash1983, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I heard a rumour 14 Sigs are moving location, I don't mean the same rumour that has been doing the rounds for the past 20 years, but a new one.

    What I heard is that it is moving to East Midlands/Lincolnshire by 2015 as part of the Army's restructuring, anyone else hear about this or is it just part of the same old rumour.

    On the subject of moving units can anyone list the locations/time-frames of other Signals units that are moving, be that returning from the Rhine or any other unit movements.

    Currently I am serving in a non-mainstream unit and wont have a chance to catch up with an RCMO (who would normally be able to direct me with this type of question) until well into next year.


  2. Not heard anything except the old 'It's meant to have been moving for [insert number of years here] but nothing's ever come of it'.

    I hope it moves, it's a pain to get anywhere.
  3. Non-mainstream unit? Where are you? South Georgia?
    Seriously, if they are earmarked for a move to the Midlands, it can only be Stafford. The way they are talking, half of the Corps will be there by 2020!!
    It could be rumour control though - I'm still waiting for 21 Sig Regt (AS) to up sticks and move to Bramcote!
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  4. Ha ha ha ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc you get the idea.

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  5. Cheers for the fast replies, I heard that the units based in Germany are heading to Stafford.

    As for 14, the bloke I heard it from said East Midlands, closer to the other units that home "wobbly heads" in Lincolnshire or near to the M1 (Nottingham/Sheffield way), so it wasn't Stafford.

    Non-mainstream Signals unit, I am at a main stream unit based in the UK, but would rather not say on here.
  6. Then if you are UK-based, you will have a R SIGNALS RCMO covering your unit - do you know who it is?
  7. You can still phone the RCMO.

    Even if you are in Diego Garcia. Phone the Blandford RCMO, he does 'rest of the world' as well as 'arrsehole of the world'.
  8. 16, 1 ADSR and whichever of the Mercians used to be the Staffords were the last I heard to be going to Stafford.

    Undoubtedly the plan has changed several times since then though.

    The best 14 rumour I heard was them moving to Blandford - armour on the donkey tracks around that dump would be a joy to see!
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  9. The Blandford option would have been taken up too, if the DCCIS move to St Athan hadn't been scuppered. Agree though, that it wouldn't have been an easy fit! Let's face it, keeping a major unit in the darkest recesses of West Wales has been a political decision to appease the local MP's and their local economies etc. Whereas the re-location of the Corps "home" to the depths of Dorset was a decision taken by senior officers with vested interests, both R SIGNALS and Infantry. Madness.
  10. Who covers North East they would be my 'local' RCMO, would it be 2 Sigs? I will just give them a ring.

    The Blandford rumour is an old one though.
  11. In my day, there was an RCMO based in York, but he (she!)* may have moved to Stafford? I'm sure one of the current regulars can confirm.

    *PC statement!
  12. The 'home' of the Royal Corps WAS always in Blandford. Catterick was merely 8 Signal Regiment. Where Phase 1 and 2 was carried out.

    Phase 1 by 11 Signal Regiment 1 Sqn, and Trade training by 8 Signal Regiment.

    Mil training was carried out at Colerne by 2 Sqn (?) 11 Signal Regiment (ie Dettys, Sgts, Staffys and Leadership) and 3 Sqn in Blandford did YofS, FofS and TCs. Where also the SOinC, RHQ Rignals, White Helmets, Band and a number of other training functions also were based.

    Detached training was also carried out for Det commanders in 13 Signal Regiment (EW) before it shut down in the early '90s.

    Catterick was no more the 'home' of the Royal Corps than Harrogate or Oustan.

    The conversion of the Ptarmigan building in to the Armoury in Catterick was not a problem, indeed, i fyou go in there you'll see it is a splendid facility.

    The descision to move CIC to Catterick was based more on the proximity of Catterick Training Area than Inf Officers rather liking our Officers Mess.
  13. Ahem. 13 Signal Regiment (Radio) if you don't mind. Ditto 9 Signal Regiment (Radio).
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