14 Signal Regiment, a warning.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Antares, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Stop it.

    We all love a tear jerker but it's Friday and I'm on ex tomorrow for 10 days and I need cheering up.

    But as a newbie, welcome to arrse. Take time to peruse the wonderful fact filled forums and develop a sneering cynical attitude to life and you'll be fine. As I sense your outrage I'm sure you'll fit in very well here, we love nothing more than angry frothy mouthed posters.

    We do languages here on arrse. Try it!
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  2. How did your PFT go?
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  3. You are not a very good example of the intelligence of the Int Corps, remember whatever you do, whatever Corps you are in, you are a Soldier first. No point moaning about soldiering here.

    If you don't like it, you can always try your hand in Civvy Street, just be advised it ain't so rosy there at the moment.
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  4. There's decent honest robust soldering and there's getting treated like an utter Cnut by some autistc Royal Signals hierarchy, I think i know which one the OP is talking about.

    In fact young Int Corps NCOs should be getting thrashed analysing things and learning their ******* raison d'etre which is to understand shit not sat around filling time with bullshit.
  5. A 4 day week, a beach nearby, awesome blokes & presumably some tasty female Int & Sig Corps girlies.......I feel your pain.

    If you move quickly you could probably transfer to 7 Armd Bde in time for winter. Hohne is "what you make of it" and you sound just the type of bloke who would.
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  6. "If you work hard you could be staring at a hangar a couple of years from now...or a Landrover if you get one...and you never know, you might!" - exactly how they pitch it in the careers office.
  7. Are the hangers still standing there?

    As for linguist training - may I suggest that you pull your finger out and have a word with your mentor. There are plenty of facilities dedicated to your trade and if they are not being used then be proactive and see if you and your newly arrived mates can get to use them.

    You may not believe it but doing more than 2 PFT's a year is the norm in any unit. You have to capture everyone on the MATTs matrix and if that means a PFT every month then so be it (yes it is sh*t, but sometimes it is the only way to capture enough people). I am a CBRN instructor - nothing more depressing than preparing a test day and having only have 6 people turn up - but if they need to do MATTs for that year then you crack on with it.

    May it be that the Regiment is more interested in preparing the next sqn in line to deploy rather than pandering to your every whim? Believe me, I hated that place with a passion. Did 5 1/2 years there, hated the place after 2 weeks, but it is what you make of it. Buckle down and work hard - your sentence, err, I mean tour will fly by.

    If you are really bored then you can always volunteer to set up some AT, find out who the MLT's are in your unit (or even another Sqn if you don't have any) and set up a days coast walk. There are plenty of pubs along the coast to make the day even better. Can you think of a better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. Or maybe visit the site of the last invasion of the UK, do some kite surfing on the beach, set up some beach volley ball and a BBQ. Stop whinging and do something about it!

    If you are even a half decent soldier you will be up for MST pretty soon. Keep your phys up, badger your seniors to keep your skills current as best you can (keep complaining again - they will hate it, but hopefully they will see you as being keen and it will be good for you) and take every opportunity to exercise your mil skills (even if this means volunteering to go on another Sqn's exercise). You can either sit on your backside complaining or do something - guess what will get you on tour and promoted sooner?
  8. Surely solderings a R.E.M.E. habit?.
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  9. Oh do **** off. The Slime aren't some special corps that get out of normal soldiering just because they wear a gay beret. Det maintenance etc is what it's all about in a lot of places. There are a good few trades that end up doing track bash etc that's not part of their job. Stop being so ******* precious and man the **** up. If you don't like it, jog down to RHQ and sign off. If you run as much as you lot say, it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

    To summarise, Int Corps. Not as special as they think they are.
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  10. Being a Royal Signals soldier, unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it is annoying being in the same corps as some of those ******* retards, but if I can put up with it so can he. The most cringe worthy moment was being informed by a shining star of the Royal Signals (who left a large quantity of ammo in his desk upon posting, covered up incidentally) that EW was something he knew nothing about and wasn't interested in. A view shared by many of his fellow SNCO's.
    And then when a new CO brought in a test on EW for all seniors guess who were the first to crowd around the EWSO SNCO's who they professed to deride and despise?
    Unfortunately there isn't that much to analyse on a day to day basis - and it is very difficult for the Int Corps seniors to set up realistic exercises for their lads. However this doesn't mean it shouldn't happen (I know that in my time there I spent more time ticking boxes for those above me than on the hanger floor - hated it, but have to tick them boxes!)
  11. Not there now, but it was very similar in the mid 80's. I remember the change of CO bringing the Int guys out of their pits and making them run on very cold days! IIRC it was exceptionally cold at Scheuen, especially when we deployed to the woods just outside for the night, without any warning.
  12. You say you like languages (and you write very well) so you must learn Arrse English.

    Hello = **** off you never served ****.

    Gosh, isn't all this phys is unnecessary when I have a trade to learn = I am a fat ****.

    I am a fat useless **** who likes dressing up = TA

    Progress test tomorrow.
  13. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. That's always been the reality of 14 Signal Regiment (EW) life, since the Regiment stood up in Scheuen in the 80s. When we were in BAOR there was always a tension between the need to keep the kit on the road (cue lots of garage time, lots and lots of time spent standing around The Trailer of Knowledge), keep the imbecile R Signals RD types occupied, ensure the smooth career progression of a succession of dimwit scaley officers (back in the day, three categories: Welbexian technocrats, dimwits who couldn't get into the Royal Hampshires and a small number of good types) - and the need to preserve some sort of skeletal EW capability in case it all went off.

    The Regiment's been constantly on deployed ops of one sort or another since Bosnia kicked off. This is hard for the Regimental hierarchy, as they have no deployed role - generally, I gather, it's a squadron group deployed. This makes for lots of bored, fractious senior types in Brawdy who can't help resenting the fact that there are juniors cutting about with serious gongery going on aand a less-than-fully-respectful attitude to those they see as wardodgers.

    I spent a lot of time at 14 around 25,000 years ago, when great reptiles and the mighty Soviet Army roamed the Earth and pretty much all the worst times I had in the Army I had at 14. Most of the best times were there, as well. Go figure.
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  14. Hohne has two knocking shops and a decent kebab palace right outside the gate. Brawdy doesn't. Need I say more?
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