14 months for a Facebook comment?

Done and then some.
Where? I'm having a lot of problems getting ARRSE to load on my computer at present, but the only similar thread I can find is the one about the TA getting disciplined for Facebook comments.
thought sentence was on the lean side.......
its scotland and footie and bomb threats had already been sent to the individual then a perfectly fair one.
personally football fan =jail
I'm in shock at this, yes the man is obviously an idiot for posting it (especially the UVF bit!), but 14 months in jail for a Facebook photo and comment?

I think they'll have to increase the number of jails in the UK if they ever decide to have a good look through some of the posts on ARRSE.Man posted bullet-ridden picture of Celtic's Neil Lennon on Facebook | Glasgow and West | STV News



Absolutely agree, mate. I have Lennon in the 2012 Dead Pool, and barbaric sentences like this just make it less likely to happen.

FFS, it's not as though the poor bastard made threats against a human. Lennon's a Ginger - it's been scientifically proven they don't have any souls! 14 months is a travesty of justice.:crash:
This is the sort of thing that will only get worse until the people of Scotland vote independence and get rid of the SNP junta.

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