14 months for a Facebook comment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Done and then some.
  2. Where? I'm having a lot of problems getting ARRSE to load on my computer at present, but the only similar thread I can find is the one about the TA getting disciplined for Facebook comments.
  3. Don't confuse me with google.
  4. Absolutely agree with the verdict and the sentence.
  5. thought sentence was on the lean side.......
  6. its scotland and footie and bomb threats had already been sent to the individual then a perfectly fair one.
    personally football fan =jail
  7. No humans involved.
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  8. Absolutely agree, mate. I have Lennon in the 2012 Dead Pool, and barbaric sentences like this just make it less likely to happen.

    FFS, it's not as though the poor bastard made threats against a human. Lennon's a Ginger - it's been scientifically proven they don't have any souls! 14 months is a travesty of justice.:crash:
  9. Shame you should be doing life for the shite you post on here.
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  10. There has to be more than that than meets the eye. What was he actually charged with?
  11. Might as well whine "20 years for holding a knife which fell into my wife's heart???!!!! Where's the justice...blah, blah, bore, bore."
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  12. Being fat, bald and ugly?

  13. Jesus, is he a ******* vampire? Needs more sun...