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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tpr_trinny, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. I've just come back from Phase 1b training and passed the 14 minute "risk reduction" run.
    I'm off on 1c (traditional CMSR 2 Week course) soon and have been told that the ATR's are also no longer making recruits pass a BPFA just the run in under 14 Mins.
    Is this correct? I'm sure it's upset quite a few people who have worked hard to get their times down and their reps up.
  2. Surely your personal fitness is a pride thing i would hate to just coast a fitness assesment.
  3. I completely agree. I'm not a superfit person but I have been working hard to reach the standards required. I just want someone to tell me what is expected of me so I can stop worrying about being RTU'd
  4. Stop worrying and just get yourself as fit as you can and get on with it. After almost ten years of doing BFT's, BPFA's etc I still got nervous before doing one, everyone does believe me! Its only a mile and a half, just think to yourself, the more effort and the faster i do this the faster it is over. Obviously preparation counts for a lot too, so make sure you get yourself fit my running reguarly.
  5. From what I understand and I stand to be corrected but the BPFA has gone back to being an assesment and not a pass \ fail test because the press up element has gender bias, as women can pass at a lower level. This apparently is in breach of employment legislation hence the reversion to it being an assesment.
    As I said could be totally wrong
  6. ok thanks,

    So whats the best technique for the run then? Is it best to go hell for leather at first and then just push yourself round what evers left (In my case 1.499Miles) or is it better to keep a steady pace?

    When I get really hanging I think I could probably walk faster than I run, is it advisable then for me to do a brisk walk while I recover and then get off on a sprint again or will I just get beasted by the PTI's for being sick lame and lazy? I hate walking when I sposed to be running, makes me feel like I'm giving up but If it will help I'll do anything
  7. How long does it take you to run 1.5 miles now? (Don't forget the 800m warm up!)
  8. 14 minutes? That's nearly walking speed.

    Even in my present state of un-fitness I could still blag that.
  9. I would rather not say!!! But it's under the 14 minute limit!
  10. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I find it's best to run at a steady pace. Certainly don't burn yourself out in the first half mile, take it easy then pick up the pace a little and try and get some overtaking in. Save the last dregs and sprint for the finish from a few hundred metres.

    If you've got enough breath left to speak at the end you aren't going hard enough! ;)

  11. what can I say? I have small legs and I'm overweight, smoke and am generally a weak feeble excuse for a human being. Something that I am trying to correct.
  12. Well, that's something I suppose, but if I were you I'd be trying to get my time down so I could pass a PFT.

    Have you only just started fitness training?
  13. the easiest way to get better at running is to do more of it, having said that. There are things you can do when training which will improve your cardiovascular fitness making the whole process alot easier.
    Firstly when training over time try and build up speed and distance, also break up your training run with some short (20 meters or so) sprints this helps build up cardio fitness very quickly.

    When doing the actual run I find to keep going at a steady pace and then get faster at the end to use up what's left in the tank. Do not go haring off at the beginning as you will get tired and there will be nothing left.

    Do not walk at all, the run is not also about reaching a time it is also about attitude. It is about taking yourself out of the comfort zone. Give it all you've got. It doesn't last forever .
  14. Do we really need the likes of you with such a negative attitude in what is possibly the finest army in the world? Get rid of the negativity, sort your phys out and then think about applying. In the meantime, have a serious look at yourself and ask "Is this what I really want?" If it is, sounds like you have some hard work to get where you want to be.
  15. Stop smoking, satop eating pies and start running.

    If you can't be arrsed doing that - join the crabs!