14 MI Battalion - deepest darkest wales

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Question:

    If technical knowhow is what is needed to command a unit why dont the REME command Tank Units ??

    Discuss................................. :twisted:
  2. you are supposing REME have technical know how....

    Pass me a bigger hammer

  3. I would be interested to know why the Royal Corps of Signals think they should still command the British Army's EW assets?
  4. Why do you need 'technical' know how to command a tank unit or any other teeth arm regt? The technical aspect only forms part of command. Employment of assets, whether it is CH2, WR, Apache or EW, forms another aspect. Man managment and MS forms another.

    Who has better knowledge of the employment of EW than Signals? The Int Corps? Hmmmm...

    What is probably a better idea is to have Int Corps at a higher level within the Regt, (2i/c, Adjt). You could have a Int Corps CO, but you would still need a Sigs Ops Offr, and it would still need to be Sigs heavy.

    Do we really envisage the RSigs giving up this Regt? More realistically, do we see the Corps taking it on? Doubt it.
  5. Have to agree. It always used to be that the Ops Officer post was filled by the exchange officer and the Int Officer was filled by an Int Corps major. In the late 90's this changed so that exchange officer became the Int Officer and the Ops Officer role was taken by an RSigs Major. This led to the Sy Offr (a captain) becoming the senior Int person - not a good situation in a regiment that has such a large Int presence. I can't imagine 14 MI Bn working - realistically it would be a change of capbadge for the hierarchy only as the working structure would remain the same.
  6. From what I have read command is all about knowing what to do with the capability and the effect you want to achieve - not how to connect electric string - surely the commander needs to be someone who knows the output - the wider debate is is EW to suck or blow ?? Probably not a debate for this forum but I'm sure there are a few wags will like the pun. :)
  7. Irrespective of capbadge, I don't understand the rationale behind an EW Regt anymore. Ultimately it appears to exist to give a job to a Lt Col and an RSM. If the varying units that make up the Regt were dispersed to their relevant brigades maybe there would be a greater appreciation of what EW can bring to the party.

    If the Squadrons are fully functioning organisations in their own right, why is there a need for the regimental structure?

    Break it up and send the units to ISTAR Bns that are fully integrated into their operational command. It's the future.
  8. Ah - a man who thinks straight - but then we get intoi the issue of who commands ISTAR Battalions - again the clue is in the name - what are they there to do - thats only one thing and its produce Intelligence - Only the Corps can command it under those circumstances !

  9. I like the idea of disbanding the Regiment and locating the Sqn’s within their respective Bde formations. The only problem is the shortage of linguists. As is the case now, if a Tp is deploying on operations assets will be taken from anywhere in the Regt in order to get the right personnel for the job. This is easily done when the Sqn’s are all based in one location.

    One idea would be to scrap the current system altogether. Under SDR we would only ever need to support one Div deployment or two Bde deployments. So in reality, you only actually need one forward EW Sqn, comprising of 3 EW tp’s.

    If the big brains at DPA working on the Soothsayer project actually knew what they were supposed to be buying, and what the kit will actually be required to do, they would get something that could changed to suit the role of the deployment. If a heavy option is required for war fighting operations, the kit is mounted in armour. If it is a wheelie, peace support operation stick the kit in some gay soft-skinned stuff. Have one armd tp and one wheelie tp in barracks for training and exercise etc the other two tp’s worth of vehicles stay at Ashchurch.

    It’s as easy as that. Just think how much money it would save the MoD.

    Of course it will never happen. The fcukin’ Spare C0ck Mafia are running things at Brawdy. So what Soothsayer will actually provide is a mobile setroom in the field that will be too big and too slow. It will take a week to set up, and two weeks to tear down. The wagons will be full of all sorts of fancy Spec Op crap that any chimp could operate, but it won’t matter because none of it will work.
  10. I go back to an old question - suck or blow - only then can you work out what you need to do it :)
  11. You're like an annoying riddler!!

  12. oh dear - sorry - too cryptic - I'll be less subtle next time :))
  13. As I said earlier...who controls the ISTAR Battlespace? RA, RAF? With each arm and service having an input into ISTAR who can tell? ISTAR Bn...nice idea, but that's all it is, and will be.
  14. Howayman - the person who controls the battlspace is the person who controls all of the battlespace - the Commander - he chops bits of it to ground holding COs. Then those who need to use it for other reasons - ISTAR, LOG, ES, ENGR, ARTY then coordinate and deconflict the use of someone elses battlespace. An easy concept, farkung difficult to do - but something that lots of people try. There is no reason why the Corps cant continue to do it after all we do it already with Fd Sy Sects, FHTs et al

  15. Errrrr...Because fixing a piece of eqpt is not the same as operating it and commanding/controlling those who use it. If we followed your logic then the REME would also command all Formation Recce, Armd Inf, AAC, RA, Engr and Log units!