14 MARCH: French Chasseur Alpin (Mountain Rifle) KIA A-stan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. He was a VAB APC driver and his vehicle was hit by RPG fire.


    French soldier killed in clash in Afghanistan

    20 hours ago
    PARIS — A French soldier has been killed by rocket fire during a clash with insurgents in Afghanistan.

    A spokesman for France's defence ministry says the soldier died during a large operation led by French and Afghan troops in the Kapisa region, 60 kilometres northeast of the capital Kabul.

    Cmdr. Christophe Prazuck said Saturday's operation involved air support from Predator drones and other allied aircraft, and that dozens of militants "were hit hard."

    France has 3,300 troops involved in NATO-and U.S.-led military operations in Afghanistan.

    Prazuck says the death raises to 27 the number of French soldiers have died during the war there.

    Earlier Saturday, British defence officials said a British soldier died following an explosion in southern Afghanistan.

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  2. RIP comrade.
  3. Tonight BBC2 has a program on the Chasseurs Alpins unit, the 27 BCA, which suffered this casualty. The journos spent two weeks with them in Afghanistan.

    "You can see Emma Jane Kirby's report, which was filmed by Luke Winsbury, on Newsnight on BBC2 at 2230 GMT, 16 March."

  4. RIP.

    Another sad loss.