14 July: 1 X FRA SOF operator KIA in RC-E

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by fantassin, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. The unit of the deceased who has been KIA this morning in a joint Op with the ANP in the Alasay valley has been identified as Commando Marine, the French Navy SOF unit based in Lorient and Saint Mandrier.
  2. Was this guy from the same unit that got badly "bounced" back in August/September 2008?

    ****ing bad news.
  3. No the unit which was ambushed in Uzbin was an army conventional airborne infantry unit (8 RPIMa). This time we are talking about French Navy Special Forces partnered with ANP.
  4. The deceased has now been identified as second maître (PO) Benjamin Bourdet, age 30, belonging to "Commando Jaubert", on e of the FRA Navy SF units.
  5. Repose en paix braves soldats

    Tim, UK
  6. Rest in Peace.