14 int briken tankard

Hi all i just moved house and in the niddle of it all my tankard i got from 14 int when i left as a brownie has been broken.
Does anyone have any idea how i get a replacement (obviously i expect to pay for it, nothing changes there;) )
I served with them from Dec 86 till dec 87 and it had a crest engraved with something like a phoenix as part of it and a bible verse beneath, from Matthew i think.
I would really appreciate any help as obviously i can't just turn up and say to the Boss "Can i have a new one i broke the old one".

Cheers all


I might be able to help you out. I served from 86-88 & 90-93.
I would be slightly concerned that you cant get your hands on one of these through your own contacts.
Dont take offence. just that alot of people claim to have done a stint in the province and have never been over at all not even with the greens.
If you want i will post my e-mail address and you can contact me.


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