14 geo sqn munchengladbach!!!

hi,ive just been offered a posting at 14 geo in the reme workshops. was hoping for some much needed info from anyone who is there or been there. anything from quarters to shitters. thanks guys. sorry to intrude your brilliant sapper forum.
full of geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks.

other than that i have not got any more information, sorry.
do they all wear susats around camp and carry folders everywhere? just an observation of course.
The Geo's are held in the same esteem by the RE planties anf fieldies to that of what we hold the Air Techs in the REME (im right there arent I knocker).
Like I said in the REME forumn though Sickers RE Sqns are normally good.
sickers123 said:
you stalking me iron. lol.
No, Im a honoury member of the Sappers forumn for the amount of years Ive spent at different Engineer Wksps/Sqns, not forgetting the amount of dresses Ive worn on tours :wink:
I served in 14 Sqn but since it was ten years ago my views are soemwaht dated. It is a very small unit, established strength of 86 in my day, and hence is quite close knit. In my day the fitter section where very much part of the family and was five or six strong.

The squadron is (still I think) in Ayshire Barracks (South), just over the road from the new football ground, which was an old US equipment storage site. The quarters are spread around Moenchengladbach and JHQ, and where of varying quality in my day. The singlies had two blocks on JHQ itself. However the move to Bruggen of elements of 1 Signal Brigade who where in and around JHQ may have changed all of this.

My advice would be to pick up the phone and give the Fitter Section a call, somebody there should be able to give you a more up to date viewpoint than mine. I certainly enjoyed my time in the squadron.
giving them a call was my next idea but as its friday and im impatient as **** i thought id try here. thanks for your insight i think they are in the same place and they have the same amount of guys there at the moment.

cheers mate
I know the Staffy there and he is a good sort. Give him a call and i'm sure he'll give you all the info you need. The area is good, just on the Dutch border with lots of facilities.

As a B mech there are worse places to be, i.e REME Bns!!!!!!
I would like to add here just for clarity, although my moniker is Geo, thats from my name... I was one of Gods chosen trade... "and yea verily we did shape the earth so that all looked on in awe and wonderment"

I did however do a cadre at 42 survey group back in 89 or 90, the guys on the cadre and the cadre instuctors, were like any guys in any unit, some good eggs and some real oxygen thieves. there were 2 other non topo guys on the cadre and we all came in the top 6 promoted on pass off.

So I guess a topo/geo unit is not much different from any other except that its not hard to shine compared to the topo guys, however back then they didnt do combat engineer training and went straight to the cosy little world of hermitage!! dont know what the score is nowadays as I am far too old and crusty to know!!
geo7863 said:
I would like to add here just for clarity, although my moniker is Geo, thats from my name... I was one of Gods chosen trade... "and yea verily we did shape the earth so that all looked on in awe and wonderment"
as in ROUND :? :? :? :?


Just finished 2 years in 14 Topos Parent unit in Hermitage with the REME section.
It was not a good post for most of the blokes we even had vermin request to go back to REME Bn. started with 20 blokes within 2 years were down to 10 and a few gapped posts.
When I left there was a possibility of all Geo geeks being dumped into one location to better manage their assets (at Hermitage which is a kak hole)
JHQ was great for the nightlife (I was in Sp Bn though)
Iwas posted to 14 Indep Topo Sqn MT at Roy barracks Dusseldorf in the 80's and believe you me them buggers drank like the queen mum and fought like two ferrets down a pikeys keks.

Also did a Survey ran JNCO cadre at Nook camp on Salisbury plain that was absolute purgatory for all who attended ,wether they were survey or FE based trades.

Geekish their trade may be,they're probably still good lads,however if you want experience of being in the field or ops it may not be your bag.Try and find out what their role is nowadays and see if it fits in with what you want out of the posting.Good luck!!!
Never mind the unit, feel the location.............
MG is great, excellent town, easy for Dusseldorf airport and beyond, easy for the Eiffel, easy for Nurburgring, Holland 20 mins away and the ferry and England (if you are so inclined) can be done and back in half a day.
Wish I was (back) there. :cry:
I was a young craftsman with the LAD in Roy Barracks 82-Dec 83. We used to drink gallons of sclosser alt in the naafi bar and then go down the aldt stadt for our fights
Geo do their ME Cbt 3 course and might have to do their 3 - 2 retention test but I think that's about all the combat engineering they really do. The only time they get involved with the rest of the Corps when it comes to courses are cadres, JCC and SNCO.


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acc isnt bad, lads are ok same as any unit really, the night life is awesome,
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