14 (EW) Signals Regiment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cheese, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Met a SSgt the other day. His R Signals Stable Belt was normal with the circular buckle, apart from the inside section was different (ie not the cap badge but something else). Just wondered what this was all about, it looked like a hawk or something. He said it was from a squadron in 14 (EW) Signal Regiment
  2. Sounds like 16 AAB not 14 Sigs.. but they do have an airborne element over there.
  3. That'll be the Light EW Tp (LEWT) at 14 Sigs, which has a number of airborne posts and therefore the Staffy in question is very probably a bona fine airborne warrior. Guys in our corps who have served in Para and SF roles are entitled to retain the stable belts from those units. Mystery solved.
  4. Does that mean I can wear my 49 PARA stable belt when I am posted back to 14SR? :roll:
  5. Signal Regiment, thanks :roll:
  6. I don't know.

    He said it was a SQUADRON as part of 14 Signal Regiment.

    The stable belt buckle was even the standard Royal Signals female part of the bucke, just the male inner was diffrent. What doies this 16 AAB one look like please, anyone got a picture?

    Thanks for yuor knowledge...
  7. Its a Standard Royal Signals stable belt with the metal buckle the only difference is the jimmy is replaced with Pegasus!

    note a troop is part of a squadron
  8. Many Signal Regiments have their own stable belts, with Jimmy replaced with the Regiment's emblem (the Iron Triangle for 3 Div SR, the swan for 30SR etc etc)
  9. The eagle may well have been from 640 Signal Troop (EW) Airmobile.

    They used to years ago have their own belts. Where as now they get to wear hard hats to work in their hangers
  10. If it is a Pegasus its and old and bold ex 216 bloke, and I suspect I know him. 16AA have the screaming Eagle, 640 Tp had a belt but disappeared years ago. The LEWT boys ( I was one of them) normally wear the belt that they did the jumps course in ie 216, 26* (now 18 Sigs) or the booties.
  11. 237 when itn was indepentant had it's own stable belt it had a vixen in the middle
  12. I cannot believe someone has mentioned the "V" word in a 14SR thread. :wink:
  13. Yeah **** me they will mention Soothsayer next!
  14. Go wash your mouth out with soap young man-that word will still send people of a certain age into shivers and gibbering
  15. Are you suggesting that SS will go the same way as VIXEN? :roll:

    Whereas SS is going to do this: