14.5mm training rounds

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Puckel, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Simple question to settle an argument- can a gunner please tell me whether the 14.5 mm artillery training round as used in the 105mm light gun fires any form of projectile, or is it just flash/bang. Cheers
  2. Yes it fires a small projectile (14.5mm I think!).

    EDIT: Have I just been a victim of a "WAH"?
  3. are you the same guy that posted on The RAA Website? Defending a soldier caught in posession of a live 14.5mm round??
  4. Brilliant.
  5. Yeah, but it might come in handy one day!
  6. Excuse me (wah or not), but for the uninitiated. Spent a long time delivering the stuff - never having the opportunity or responsibility for firing it - but wouldn’t a 14.5mm diameter round “rattle” a bit going down a 105mm diameter barrel ??
  7. not if you wrap it in lots of toilet paper
  8. Come on, it was a sensible question. It deserves a sensible answer.

    RCT(V), the 14.5mm round is attached to the 105mm shell in place of the fuze. The shell is fired as normal but, obviously, the 14.5mm projectile hits the target first and absorbs the impact. The 105mm shell can then be recovered and reused. It's all a question of economics.
  9. you're quite right. I apologise. And thankyou for your brief and extremely informative explanation of the 14.mm round.
  10. Actually, my explanation contained an error. It should, of course, have read "misses the target." Whatever was I thinking?
  11. is it puposely designed to miss the target? Does that help with the absorbtion of the 105mm round's impact?
  12. Had it been designed to miss the target, it would invariably hit the target.

    By designing it to hit the target, the designers have cleverly factored in the long-range snipers' inability to maintain strict adherence to marksmanship principles. This saves on costly repairs to range targets.

    Note that barn doors no longer feature as targets on ranges because the repair budget only allows for damage inflicted as a result of firing, not for rot.
  13. The 14.5mm Training Round is a Sub-Calibre round fired out of a barrel insert. It's just a bigger version on the .22" Rimfire insert used with the 7.62mm SLR & L85A1 5.56mm SA80 (no longer used I beleave, other than in the Cadet GS Rifle)
  14. PMSL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    If you use a misfire net it can be recovered before it hits the target
  15. I thought we'd established that was before it misses the target?