14.5mm Round Removed From Afghan Soldiers Head

A US military doctor has removed a live round of ammunition from the head of an Afghan soldier in an unusual and harrowing operation.

Radiologist Lt Col Anthony Terreri realised the suspected shrapnel lodged in the patient's head following a bomb explosion was a 14.5mm unexploded round.

"I saw that it was not solid metal on the inside," he said.

"I then looked at the scout image and could see there was an air gap on one end and what looked almost like the tip of a tube of lipstick at the end and decided this didn't look quite right."

Neurosurgeon Major John Bini and anaesthetist Major Jeffrey Rengel put on body armour to remove the two inches-long ammunition from the soldier's head.

The operating room and surrounding hallways of Bagram Air Field were also evacuated.
BrokenArrow said:
Reminds me of that story of the US Marine who was stabbed in the head and survived.
One guy was an American stabbed by a knife, the other an Afghan hit by a piece of flying shrapnel which was later found to be 14.5 mm round.

How did the latter remind you of the former?

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