14/12/17 - High Court finds MoD breached the Geneva Conventions during the Iraq War

British troops breached conventions in Iraq, rules high court


" British troops breached the Geneva conventions and subjected Iraqi civilians to cruel and inhuman treatment by hooding them and taking turns to run over their backs, the high court has ruled.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) breached the conventions as well as the 1998 Human Rights Act in the way in which it detained civilians after the 2003 invasion, the court concluded on Thursday.

The judgment comes 10 days after the international criminal court (ICC) declared there was “a reasonable basis” to conclude that British troops committed war crimes against Iraqi detainees.
The latest verdict was handed down after two high court civil trials in which four Iraqis claimed they had been subjected to unlawful detention and abuse by British forces.

While there had been reasonable suspicion, which justified their initial capture, Mr Justice Leggatt said “none of the claimants was engaged in terrorist activity or posed any threat to the security of Iraq”.

The claims are being seen as test cases that may determine how a further 628 claims are dealt with by the MoD. "
I think about 320 have been paid off on top of that.
Has the case been taken out against named soldiers or The MOD?


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The ICC is run by the usual mix of lefty first worlders and a selection of third world despots' cheerleaders as far as I can see. A bunch of chancers eager to smear the excrement far and wide.
Couple of the defendants represented by Sapna Malik. No surprise there.


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On the other hand.... having read some of the transcripts, it's clear that there were definitely some of our folk on the ground who hadn't been paying attention during MATT lectures.

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