13th October was a turning point

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Today possibly marks the most important event in the history (101 years) of the Territorial Army - at least in the top 5 of events outside Haldane, the two world wars and RFA 96.

    The order is out. I am informed that it does indeed contain the details of an in-year cost saving of such significant proportions that the bulk of the TA is to be effectively stood down until March - 5 months.

    Unless it's Ops related, or initial training, it's switched off.

    The risk is apparently acknowledged but the cuts are to be made.

    I'm off to the pub. I may never return.
  2. I suspect many will just bin it and go home as it will not be the same organisation anymore as they will use this time to restructure and make cuts. I imagine there are a few units who will be told to take the carpets and the wall paper with them as they wont be going back.
  3. And allegedly the OTCs and Cadets are subject to even worse restrictions - effectively they become all C1 training.

    A lot of aspects of the viability of the various reserve forces are being taken at risk, but at least the centre admits there may well be longer-term consequences to these short-term actions, but they can't do anything else.

    And there is no guarantee that the situation will improve next year.
  4. Correct on both counts I believe.
  5. Has the order been made public yet?
    I can't see anything posted on ARRSE or ArmyNET.
  6. Public in that it is with the HQs
  7. To put you out of your misery: ABN 57/09 dated 13 Oct 09 gives the details, but I note that for all the gloom-mongers there is a glimmer of hope. "those who have not already qualified for their Annual Bounty will have the opportunity to do so".

  8. As an aside..........we still need a couple of instructors at ITW North of the border........then again with smaller numbers through the door we may not need them.
  9. If I come along will I get paid and can you get me a lift? :D :wink:
  10. Dev yes mate to both,core skills mind, SAAI, RMQ mind you you've also got your M qual....make inquiries at Fraggle Rock.
  11. Will do mate, sounds like it might be the only place to get a decent feed and sleep of a weekend!
  12. yep and get MTDs!
  13. check pm's FF.
  14. Back on topic,
    Does anyone know what the plans are for the next FY?
  15. Gates locked and lights off till 2011.....maybe.