13th dec at cardiff!!!!!! selection...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. hi, im goin on the 13 dec for a selection, lookin forward to it....
    anyone give me ideas of what will happen, i know im goin to have to do the run, also i thought it was over a weekend, but found out its only one day....

    so,,, if you know, give me a shout....

    ..... :D ....
  2. dont be shy now......

    there must be someone out there........

  3. I'm here, fancy meeting up?

    I don't bite.
  4. ooh, thorntons on queen street do lovely selection boxes
    can you pick me one up?
  5. ha ha ha very funny....

    o my god, broke a rib...........

    thanks guys....

  6. maindy barracks?
  7. great thanks for that, says it all...

  8. You will do the following (Could be in any order, and some things might be missing if your doing a one-dayer) :

    - 1.5 mile run (Under 14 mins to pass)

    - Jerry can walk/run

    - A couple of strength tests on some machines, including heaves.
    Just to note, they arent really tests - it's just to get an overall view of you so to speak.

    - A military lesson (Will most likely be a grenade lesson) with a test to follow. You will basically have to remember 10 things about the grenade.

    - BARB test. (touch screen test thing, nothing to worry about)

    - A team task. most likely scenario is you will be split into sections and they will set up a couple of planks and platforms and you have to cross the area as a team. (and not touch the floor beacause it will be either lava, acid or electrified!)

    - You may get an introductory PT lesson

    - And the last thing i can think of is a very, very simple maths and english test.

    All in all, it's pretty easy and nothing to worry about.
  9. Stay away from Shekin Jenkins he's a nasty b if you dont give him a fag or beer soaked beermat, oh he's the goat
  10. Done an RSC weekend with the RLC Nationaly Recruited units in last couple of months mine went like this:


    1800-2200 Arrive, Register & Naafi


    0615 Revielle
    0630 Breakfast
    Rest of AM - Medical & Document filling
    1230 Lunch
    PM - BARB TEST, Strength tests (Jerry Can, Machine stuff & Heaves) & Team Exercises
    1700 Dinner
    1900 Trades Briefing (this was specific to my corps)
    2000 Naafi


    0615 Revielle
    0630 Breakfast
    0700 Employer Support Brief
    0800 PT (1.5 Mile Run)
    Rest of AM - Selection of Reg Interview & DCCT (video rifle range shooting)
    1200 Swear In.
    1230 Disperse (with packed lunch in hand)

    Yours may differ becasue of the requirements of your own unit or corps, but this was mine.
  11. You were attested at the end of your selection?

  12. hi guys, gettin nervous for saturday..... carnt belive its come round so quickly.... ill let you know who i get on
  13. Wich unit are you joining, I might pop up the mess and have a laugh watching you from the bar
  14. well thats not nice is it, im joinin worcester, 214.... have you got any tips for me, i was also told it will be only for 1 day.......

    many thanks, would love a nice cold beer after.... and ill be the oldest there.... oops.... :oops: