13th battalion parachute regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by roodymiller, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know anyone who fought in this battalion during WW2 or in the Far East?

    I am looking for any kind of information, but would like eye witness accounts from Normandy, Putot en Auge, Pont L'Eveque, Bure, Op Varsity etc.


  2. Gremlin

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    You might want to post this in the 'Military History' forum as well.

    Best of luck.
  3. Walter will help I'm sure :wink:
  4. Which one 26?
  5. 100's of 1000's to chose from take your pick
  6. You being one of them.

    Roody. Have you tried the Parachute Regiment Association?
  7. hi - if you are still interested, my father was in 13th. He also had spells in 2nd. He is 85 now and in good nick, dodgy knees notwithstanding. The old bugger can be a bit unforthcoming (aren't they all ?) but if you give me some contact details I will do my best to twist his arm for you. I don't recognise Putot en Auge but the rest are familiar. My email is Christophermwm@btinternet.com. You know about the little local difficulty in Malaya ?
    best wishes
    Chris Morris
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    The Para Regt Museum at Duxford is a great source of Info, has most of the op orders, and maps. staff are very helpfull.

  9. Yes at Muar, 13 Para must surely hold the army record for the most number of accused on a single court martial, 263 soldiers on trial.
  10. Sir
    263A ? And 263 in the court-martial ? May I please ask if this is a coincidence or a connection ?
    Chris Morris

    ps Surely not the Me263A ! This place is a real education. Just reading the quotations is fascinating. My Latin is up to speed, but what is the meaning of WHAT SHUFFLE BAR'S ?? And here is where I show myself to be a real prick - the alleged words of Francois 1 were I believe 'fors' and not 'hors'. Same sentiment however.

    So can you please give me some pointers on how best to get on with the people here. I would really like to. And in the unlikely event that I can be of any service that would, as they say, be an honour. I would offer you ' Santayana is perhaps best known today for his remark that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it",[1] and the line "only the dead have seen the end of war"[2]—the latter often falsely attributed to Plato.' You gentlemen know the truth of that. Would that the politicians did.

  11. No, it's just a evidence of a conspiracy.

    At the court-martial, held at Kluang, sentences totalling 781 years were originally handed down.

    Now 781 was the number of a Fleet Air Arm squadron.

    Spooky, eh?, you can't tell me that was just a coincidence.

    Welcome to ARRSE!
  12. Sir

    first up , a black cat but on yellow not red ? So no connection with the 56th of George Macdonald Fraser ?

    back to the matter in hand. When I took my dad down to Maerdy in the Rhonnda in March, I finally took some notes. He had shown me the little triangle with his number a while ago, and both my wife and I immediately urged him that it should end up in an appropriate museum. It's a little piece of history and as such not insignificant. I like how he tells how the senior officer presiding over the court-martial got very stroppy about that.

    If I am out of order with any of the rest, then I apologise now, but here goes. Muar. The CO had left and the ex-rugby international 2i/c was frankly not up to it. Flooding with the tide twice a day. Is it really true that the only concession was a few canoes to keep kit dry ? So, strike. Except the Army calls that a mutiny. When 12th and 7th were asked to take 13th into close arrest, polite responses to the effect that was probably not a good idea. Dad remembers it as the 2nd Infantry Div that did the deed. I ought to cross-check that but sure you will put me straight. Six suspected ringleaders including my old man off to Singapore, not Changi but wherever the Kempetai did their evil work, for a lengthy spell in solitary. But nobody was saying anything. Not clear what holiday camp the rest of you were in.
    So the Field General Court-Martial. The old man insists the full term is used, and it does have a ring to it. With lots of hard labour handed out, to be served outside the UK. That sounds particularly nasty. But Bessie Braddock, Winston Churchill and the Daily Mirror play merry hell and the whole thing gets quashed. That bit I have read up on, in Hansard. Except the authorities being the authorities decide that the 13th is surplus to requirements and you get disbanded in Palestine, where Dad ends up in the South Staffs under a decent bloke name of Lonsdale I have read about but not yet got organised to see in 'Theirs is the Glory.' And the Church wasn't open when I was in Oosterbeek in April, something I will correct at a later date.

    Again apologies for any inaccuracy and please no offence intended to anybody. Given Channel Four did what I as a civvy thought was quite a good piece of work with 'The Promise', I have wondered about the possibilities in that story. Complete with prologue including the mortar platoon not being too happy about laying down fire on a suspect Kampong when the infantry advance turned out to be Japanese.

    Except Dad says the whole thing is taboo in the Regiment. Gentlemen this is the 21st Century, and you do not have all the time in the world. If there is not already an oral history in existence I urge that there should be one. I have some time on my hands and via a friend of my wife access to some professionals in the field.

    As always my apologies when I talk crap or act like a prick. It is really nice to feel welcome around here, something I could never have anticipated. If I have got that one wrong please put me straight pdq because I absolutely do not want to piss off any of you lot. You feel practically like my uncles !

    Chris Morris
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  13. I once worked with a bloke who said he'd been in 13 Para; it was a menial job (the one we were doing when I met him) and I thought he was an embittered alcoholic. He'd joined them after the Rhine crossings. I didn't then know about the local difficulties. I can't recall his name it is 30+ years ago.

    Nevil Shute's autobiography contains a brief description of a 'mutiny' in which he'd been a participant after WW1. A rupert became irate and pointed his revolver; the platoon levelled their rifles. The rupert was posted, the army kept it quiet and everyone was honourably discharged asap. Quite sensible, under the circumstances; the war was over, they were all very pissed off and the Spanish flu was still killing thousands of squaddies.

    I was told by a 2 Para bloke that it wasn't the 'Royal Parachute Regiment' because 2 Para had mutinied in Palestine (an urban myth, I think). He was proud of it and probably would have had it on the battle honours.
  14. Mutiny Charges, Malaya (Sentences): 8 Oct 1946: House of Commons debates (TheyWorkForYou.com)