13th/18th royal hussars

Discussion in 'RAC' started by masher69, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. just reading a book that says that they deployed for the first gulf war ? true or not?
  2. i'm pretty certain as a unit they never deployed. i could be wrong though
  3. Some units were deployed to beef up other regiments, the 17/21 put squadrons into other regiments battle groups, the 13/18th may well have done the same
  4. Not true mate, we were stuck in Tidworth watching it on the telly. The closest we got was cleaning all the shitty sand filled QDG wagons which we inherited on moving to Wolfenbuttel in '91.

    If I remember correctly, the bandies went out there though. Back when every Regt had a band... :wink:
  5. Yep the likes of Si (West ham fan) deployed, D Sqn was AMF and went to Norway,

    Remember the grenade found under the drivers seat? hellequin?
  6. Don't remember that one mate. I was lucky and went to Cyprus with A Sqn (2nd Tp with Sharkey Wiles) in '91 so missed the worst of the cleaning. I was a mere sprog back then anyway! :wink:

    Oh and Hellequin is a name I took from a Bernard Cornwell novel- apparently it's old French which roughly translated means 'Troop of Devils' horsemen', a name given to mounted archers in the 100 years war. Random and has nowt to do with my real name I'm afraid!
  7. lol same here the move to woofers was good though, were u A Sqn then?

    I remained in D and RHQ
  8. Yes mate, joined the regiment in Tidworth in '89 straight to 2nd Tp A Sqn, people like Sharkey, Muscles Watson, Poppa Cooke in the troop and Geoff Thornton was SSM, Mez Merrills SQMS... Happy days! Stayed with A Sqn until amalgamation and then went to C in Hohne.
  9. were u @ JLR 88/89?
  10. No mate, I was one of many churned out of the factory... Catterick commandos intake 89/07. :wink: :lol:
  11. Initials Hellequin ???
  12. Hardy, P. :wink: 3878.
  13. Long time ago but vaguely recognise your name.

    Ernie, Stables but often A sqn boot tp.

    Masher seem to remember Bsqn painted their wagons ready, but no go and the bandies did go as medics.

  14. You might remember this then?


    Click on picture for full size image.
  15. i recall going to tidworth in 1987/8 i think :? as a 14 yr old cadet in the 13/18.

    Thanks to whoever it was back then that took a load of us into the block and let us watch German porn!

    2 guys actually joined from my home town, I'm pretty sure they are still in.