13m obese in England by 2010

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Random_Task, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC Link

    Looks like the Americans won't hold the monopoly on fatties forever!

    (edited because I forgot to add a subject :roll: )
  2. The Health Survey for England also warns 22% of boys and 19% of girls aged two to 15 will be obese.

    How in the mother of all flying f*cks can any parent let their two year old be clinically obese? Is that not child abuse?? What the feck's the matter with these people??!!!Grrrrrrr
  3. We should embrace obesity.
  4. No, pythons should embrace the obese.

    I've got issues.

  5. I can't believe it happens either, how can people disregard the latest advice from the UK Government Committee on Health:

    1. Don't be poor. If you are, try not to be poor for too long.
    2. Don't be born into a poor family.
    3. Don't go to a low quality school or work in a poorly-paid manual job.
    4. Don't live in sub-standard housing.
    5. Be able to go abroad on holiday and sunbathe.
    6. Don't lose your job and become unemployed.
    7. Don't live near a busy road.
    8. Don't live near polluting industry.

    Some people just don't listen to the advice the Government gives out, so they've only got themselves to blame !!!

    I blame the single mums and those Muslims. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
  6. where is obesia anyway i've heard the food is great?
  7. It borders Lesbia, I've heard 49 Para are scoping it out now for the potential to insert a Training Team ...
  8. I was supposed to be going but I can't fit into my smock
  9. V. funny I liked that.
    I recently took my four year old to a safari park and the number of fat people there could kept the big cats in food for months. So what to do? Well this all might be a little reactionary but it really f*cks me off that all those fat b*astards will be getting heart disease, diabetes, arthritis etc etc and expecting the working (tax paying) population to support them through their self inflicted illnesses by funding the treatments for their avoidable health problems on the NHS. Can we now implement some or all of the following:-
    1. Make them eat less
    2. Make the exercise more
    3. Make them sh*t more
    4. Tax their excess weight to pay for their own treatment in the future.
    5. Take their kids off them at birth so they can't pass on their lard infested way of life to another generation.
    6. Sterilise them (at their expense) to prevent further breeding of these utterly inadequate lard arrses.
    7. Shoot them instantly if they so much as mutter any feeble excuse for their weight problem especially if it begins with the words "I've got a hormone problem".
    Rant over (for now). Its been a bad week (working in the NHS).
  10. does the 'obesity timebomb' they talk about mean there will be more of these: [​IMG] ?

    it'll take a bit of clearing up if they all go off together :lol: